Word of Life Study Series

The Pentateuch: The Wilderness Part 2

January 22, 2022 Brice C. Craig Season 6 Episode 13
Word of Life Study Series
The Pentateuch: The Wilderness Part 2
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Welcome to the Word of Life Study Series- The Wilderness Part 2! There are many types and shadows for us to learn from the people of Israel on their journey to the Promise Land. Since we too face our Promise Land, a spiritual kingdom flowing with life, and that more abundantly. Yes there are giants of doubt, fear, cancer, lack and the like, but we have God’s Word that cannot fail. The Word of God will always work when we mix it with faith. If it did not work, it’s because we did not work it according to the principles in the Bible. Ask God for wisdom and go after it again, because God rewards those who diligently seek Him and do not take “No” for an answer- Hebrews 11:6. It’s all about God’s glory and seeing His Kingdom advance!


1. Korah’s Rebellion

As you can imagine, the Hebrews were very upset about missing their Promise Land. All they had to look forward to was to spend the rest of their lives in the desert- the only hope was for their children to enter in on their behalf. I would imagine that a number of them allowed themselves to become very bitter, but it was their own fault- don’t blame God.


2. Water from the Rock

As the Hebrews moved back into the desert, there was no water for them to drink; you know the drill already- they complained about it. There is something very significant about this event as it pertains to Moses. The Lord tells Moses to speak to the rock this second time instead of striking it like he did before in Exodus 17:1-7. This was prophetic since the rock speaks symbolically of Jesus that accompanied them. Jesus was struck once speaking of the crucifixion which was to be done once for all men, that is why Moses struck the rock the first time. However, this second time the Lord instructs Moses to speak to the rock and living water would flow- now all we have to do is ask in Jesus’ Name to receive from God.


3. Balak and Balaam

Balaam was a magician or soothsayer who was summoned by the Moabite king Balak to curse the Israelites before they entered Canaan in Numbers 22:5-24:25. Balaam lived in ARAM in the town of Pethor on the Euphrates River. A curious mixture of good and evil, Balaam wavered when he was asked by Balak to curse the Israelites. 


4. Joshua Succeeds Moses

When the Lord was preparing Moses for his death, He reminded him that he had disqualified himself from entering in due to striking the rock instead of speaking to it as instructed. Yet Moses was not bitter from what we can tell, as a matter of fact the first thing that was on his mind was to ask the Lord to find a replacement for him to continue to watch over the people as a shepherd.


5. Don’t Forget the Lord

There is a key to understanding why God led them through the desert and provided for them as He did. The Lord was trying to instill in them a lifestyle of obedience to God’s Word, to seek God first in everything as their source. To never put confidence in man, but to honor the Lord by obeying His Word always. God speaks prophetically concerning the future, in regards to the Promise Land; God’s awesome provision for their lives, God’s Covenant promise to Abraham. However, God warns them about the trap of self-sufficiency, becoming arrogant, forgetting about God who graciously had given them all this. Being so presumptuous as to think, by their own skill and wisdom they became wealthy, taking the credit; but it was God who gave them this ability, because He honors His Covenant of Love- so it is for us today, please don’t forget this principle! 

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Korah’s Rebellion
Water from the Rock
Balak and Balaam
Joshua Succeeds Moses
Don’t Forget the Lord