The Stirring Foot

EP2 Steve Ignorant

July 17, 2021 The Stirring Foot Season 1 Episode 2
The Stirring Foot
EP2 Steve Ignorant
Show Notes

"Back in May (2021) I had a zoom call with Steve Ignorant. Steve is now based out of Sea Palling, Norfolk on the coast of England. A few days after our chat, I found out that a throat infection had kept Steve awake the night before. Steve didn't postpone or cancel the zoom call, because that's the kind of person Steve is. He never even mentioned it. Steve's journey with life & art has truly been unique. Possibly best known as the founder & frontman of the culture changing band Crass, over the years, Steve has worked with many musical artists & groups. For me, Steve is a working class folk hero, not that he would accept that title. A wood carver, a Punch & Judy professor & a lifeboat volunteer, Steve's creativity & spirit has gone from strength to strength, as he continues to explore the journey of life, head on, with his most recent group Slice Of Life. 

In this episode, Steve talks about his earliest influences, his arrival at the renowned Dial House, his relationship with Penny Rimbaud, the formation of Crass & the other groups who were around during that time. Steve goes on to talk about how Crass challenged a predominantly male punk scene, he talks about his passion for animals, his many other music & art projects & how film has often shaped his work. With the Crass art collective having been pioneers of D.I.Y. multimedia presentation, Steve also discusses how this led to the KGB, MI6 & CIA "sniffin' around" the Crass camp." - Dylan Walshe

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Steve Ignorant - short bio
"Steve Ignorant is a singer-songwriter and artist. He co-founded the anarcho-punk band Crass with Penny Rimbaud in 1977. After Crass stopped performing in 1984, he worked with other groups including Conflict, Schwartzeneggar, Stratford Mercenaries, Current 93, and US punk band Thought Crime, as well as occasional solo performances.

Steve is also a wood sculptor and has published his autobiography 'All The Rest Is Propaganda'. Steve was also a volunteer on the Sea Palling Independent Lifeboat and he has worked as a traditional Punch and Judy performer using the name Professor Ignorant.

In recent years, Steve has recorded and performed with Irish group Paranoid Visions, as well as occasionally touring Crass songs. He now performs with his new band Slice Of Life. A far cry from the aggression of Crass, nevertheless compelling, with powerful songs delivered in an acoustic style.

“Impossible to categorise, Slice Of Life’s music is up-front and soul-baringly personal. It’s a mixture of songs and spoken word that draws you in and stays with you long after the final note has been played.”

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Photography by Simon Takes Photos

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