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March Lesson from the Records - A Message of Hope

March 01, 2022 Kathren Kelly
The Rising Modern Woman Podcast
March Lesson from the Records - A Message of Hope
Show Notes

In this episode, I share the March Lesson from the Records. This month’s lesson brings us a message of hope, peace, love, and connectedness. In a world where there is duality, we are reminded to choose love.

An excerpt from the Lesson: 

“You have chosen this timeline because your soul will evolve through everything that is being laid down for you. When things don’t go your own way, cultivate this hope within your heart. There is duality in the physical, you see both the light and the dark. Yet, you always have to power to choose. You can embrace light, love, and the beauty of connectedness. See the world as your extension, see each soul as a part of you.” 

Alignment Tips for the Month of March

1. Discern and filter information carefully. When the outer world has so much to say, look within and ask yourself. “Does this speak the truth?” 

2. Connect. Connect with nature, connect with the people around you who need extra love and support during these times. You are a being that thrives in connections, communications and interpersonal relationships.

3. Find peace within you. Find an action, a craft, an activity, something that can help you cultivate silence, a sanctuary within you. Pause, observe, listen. 

4. Use your voice, lovingly. Each and every soul has a thread of connections with a community. You have something within you that can influence, that can be heard. Use your voice to speak your truth. Spread love, support, kindness

I am sending all my love your way. 

Kath x 

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