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May Lesson from the Records - You are Never Alone

May 04, 2022 Kathren Kelly
The Rising Modern Woman Podcast
May Lesson from the Records - You are Never Alone
Show Notes

This month’s lesson from the Records is reminding us that we never walk our path alone. No matter how turbulent the times are, we have our support systems with us, holding our hands and aiding us along the way. We are also reminded to look back and use the past as a guiding light. Even if there are scars and open wounds from our history, we can learn from them. Our past made us braver, stronger, and ready to face where our quest for alignment will take us. 

Here’s an excerpt from the Lesson:

“The path may seem long and dreary but you are never alone as you tread this path. You might stumble, fall, or get lost along the way but everything is part of the learning process. Trust yourself all throughout the journey. You are stronger than you can ever imagine. So many battles you have faced and won, and though there are scars and open wounds, you have them as proof of the lessons you have learned and as an indication that you have grown stronger.”

Alignment Tips for May: 

  1. Give gratitude to the people who are by your side right now. Thank your anchors, those who are helping you be still when you feel like you are not yet ready to venture onto the next step, onto the next journey. 
  2. Learn how to be still. To rest, to simply be. To observe even when what’s in front of you is in disarray is in chaos. 
  3. Make room for joy. When times are rough, it gets harder to look for optimism. Create it for yourself. 
  4. When times are challenging, see what gets magnified into your view. Know your why, know what you are fighting for. 

I hope that this supports you! 

Sending you all my love and strength,

Kath x 

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