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June Akashic Energy Report - Open Yourself to New Beginnings

June 06, 2022 Kathren Kelly
The Rising Modern Woman Podcast
June Akashic Energy Report - Open Yourself to New Beginnings
Show Notes

Hey, my love! How are you doing? How are you feeling this Gemini Season energy? This month’s Akashic Energy Report is reminding us to be open to change. There is a new frequency that is dawning upon us, encouraging us to embrace new starts, new experiences and new relationships! It’s an amazing time to take leaps and get out of our comfort zone!

“Open yourself up, open yourself up to new possibilities. Open yourself to new beginnings, open yourself up to new chapters of your life, to new experiences, to new people, and to new places. You have been waiting, you have been patient, you have been in your shell. It’s time to venture out, it's time to meet new souls, it’s time to be free from everything that has been weighing you down.  After facing your doubts, your fears, your worries for the future, it is all making sense. You have been seeing the light, and it’s going to be a wonderful journey from now on.”

Alignment Tips for June: 

  1. Be grateful for every opportunity that comes your way. Don’t be afraid to experiment, don't be afraid to try something new. 
  2. Keep a record of the signs, the symbols, the synchronicities. Everything that comes along your way has a message to tell you. Be intentional in every moment, be present. 
  3. Consume lightly. Hydrate yourself as often as you can. The physical body is undergoing massive changes with every energetic shift that happens and you have to aid yourself and assist yourself through it. 
  4. Assess your current relationships As you grow and your energy changes, there might be people that no longer serve your Highest good. It’s okay to cut unhealthy ties, it’s okay to protect your energy and create boundaries.

I’m hoping that these messages and alignment tips will support you!

Sending you all my love! 

Kath x 

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