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July Akashic Energy Report - See the Light

July 08, 2022 Kathren Kelly
The Rising Modern Woman Podcast
July Akashic Energy Report - See the Light
Show Notes

Hello, July! I can’t believe how fast time went by, my love. How are you doing? This month’s Akashic Energy Report is reminding us to re-commit, re-assess and re-align. A new wave of fresh energy is dawning upon us, helping us to move forward with renewed zeal in life, and for the future. We have the capability to turn our dreams into reality, but we have to take back our power and remember this first! I hope that this message will support you, no matter when or where you are listening to this episode. 

Here’s an excerpt from the channeled message: 

“Don’t be afraid, don't be afraid of getting out of your shell and exploring the world, and whatever life brings you. Every opportunity is a chance to hone your strengths, and a chance to learn more about your soul. This life is a journey of coming back home to yourself, and each season, each phase serves its purpose. Re-commit, re-align, re-assess. Keep moving, don’t be afraid to start leaping. You are always guided and protected no matter what.”

Here are this month’s Alignment Tips: 

  1. Connect to your roots, whatever this may mean for you. Do not be afraid to explore and look back. You have a lot to learn from your history, you have a lot to learn in listening to your body. 
  2. Re-commit to your vision. You have the capability to make things happen in your life, but you have to learn what your heart and soul truly desire along the way. 
  3. Appreciate how far you have come. Be proud of yourself, be proud of your progress. You are improving each step of the way. This is something to celebrate. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to start all over again. There is no set path for you to travel, there is no set destination that you have to go to. You can choose, you can enjoy the journey. Most importantly, you can move through life knowing that what you are doing is something that lights your soul up. 

Enjoy x


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