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September Akashic Energy Report - Let Go, Make Space

September 14, 2022 Kathren Kelly
The Rising Modern Woman Podcast
September Akashic Energy Report - Let Go, Make Space
Show Notes

Hey, my love! I am so happy to finally be able to share with you the Energy Report for this month! This month’s channeled message is reminding us to truly let go of the things that no longer align with our Highest Good. To move forward to the next chapter of our lives, we are being reminded to release everything weighing us down. Here’s an excerpt from the channeled message: 

“As you walk along, you pick up bits and pieces. Whether this may be beliefs, relationships, thoughts, patterns, material things. Whatever it may be. At that moment in time when you took them along with you, they served their purpose. Yet, in order to grow, you have to make space. Make space.” 

Here are this month’s alignment tips: 

1. Assess, time and time again. There is no perfect time to re-evaluate your life, as every moment is a chance to make it better. Detach from your anchors, whatever these may be. You have power over what you let in your life. You have the power to remove things in your life.

2. Take care of your physical body. The human vessel is designed to move, to dance, to feel the beauty of life. It deserves all the love and respect it can get, as you are both human and divine. 

3. Write your thoughts. When you write, you let go. You release these thoughts, you release emotions, and you relieve the heavy baggage that you thought were impossible to get out of your head. Reflect whenever you can, and you will begin to have the epiphanies that will give you important clues about what matters, and what you must let go. 

4. Marvel. Marvel at the world with glittering eyes, as despite it all, there is beauty to see. It is a challenge to do this, as there are things you face every day. Yet, magic never leaves, you just begin to stop taking notice. You never lose touch, you can always come back. 

As always, I hope these messages can support you in any way!

I love you, and I am grateful for you! 

Kath x 

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