The Rising Modern Woman Podcast

Knowing your Worth

June 07, 2021 Kathren Kelly
The Rising Modern Woman Podcast
Knowing your Worth
Show Notes

In this episode, I talk about my self worth journey.  I also talk about: 

  • The truth about self worth
  • How your self worth affects the energy of the people around you
  • A new perspective about quitting
  • How the astrological transits right now can support us

About Kath
I am Kathren Kelly, your host, an International Akashic Records Reader. I channel evergreen guidance from the Akashic Records to help support you wherever you are in your journey.  Love, my mission is to help you gain clarity and understanding by recognizing your soul’s true essence - your purpose, your gifts and how you can be a catalyst of your own soul evolvement & healing in this life. We are in this together. I’m here for you! ♡
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