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November Lesson from the Records - Shine As You Are

November 01, 2021
The Rising Modern Woman Podcast
November Lesson from the Records - Shine As You Are
Show Notes

In this episode, I channeled the November Lesson from the Records, a beautiful message of support from the Pinnacle to help us through this brand new month. I also share Channeled Alignment Tips to help us integrate all these lessons. 

Lesson from the Records: 

  1. Allow yourself to honor what your body needs. Allow yourself to see beyond what society is telling you to do. This is the time to honor yourself. This is the time to nurture yourself. 
  2. You are in the middle of transformation. Changing and evolving is not always a pretty process. However, you will thank yourself for choosing to shed the parts of you that no longer serve you once you are on the other side.
  3. Do not be afraid to shine your light and be who you are meant to be. So many people on earth are concealing their truth to fit into a mold that should not be there to begin with. Break into this mold, trust yourself and step into your power. The best version of yourself is your truest, most authentic self.

Hope that this episode will support you!

Love + Light


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