Burnout and the wounded healer
Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers
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Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers
Burnout and the wounded healer
Sep 21, 2021 Episode 15
Steve Thayer, Reid Robison

In this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, Dr. Steve Thayer and Dr. Reid Robison are joined by Dr. Paul Theilking, MD. Paul is a psychiatrist, zen practitioner, and Chief Scientific Officer at Novamind. They discuss healthcare provider burnout and other unique challenges of being in the helping/healing professions.

(1:20) Paul introduces himself
(3:11) What is burnout?
(10:00) Connection is key to preventing and/or coping with burnout
(11:39) What does a psycholytic ketamine therapy session look like?
(11:11) Reducing the stigma of seeking mental healthcare among healthcare workers
(14:08) Self-awareness is the first step of burnout prevention
(17:03) Compassion fatigue
(20:43) The "equation" for burnout
(22:14) Compassion fatigue vs emotional boundaries
(24:09) Using meditation paired with personal therapeutic work to mitigate burnout
(27:41) The importance of mindfulness skill-building and practice
(32:20) Cultivating resilience and when it's okay to "quit" or make changes
(36:08) The importance of sleep and Michael Pollan's book, This Is Your Mind on Plants
(39:25) Non-attachment and mindfulness
(47:08) Loving kindness meditation, "Metta", and holding space
(52:00) Don't tie your identity to client/patient outcomes
(57:46) Self-compassion and the importance of a supportive team/environment for preventing burnout

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