Small Town Tales Podcast

Episode 13, 2022: Josh Purvis and Shane Pittman with the Searchers Believe

February 07, 2022 CL Thomas Season 2 Episode 2
Small Town Tales Podcast
Episode 13, 2022: Josh Purvis and Shane Pittman with the Searchers Believe
Show Notes

Small Town Tales Podcast February 2022

​This month I caught up with Josh Purvis and Shane Pittman on their ten-plus years’ experience in the paranormal field. Together, they share their insights and ideas about what spirits are, ideas such as the hive theory, lidar technology, and much more!  

The Searchers are a group of friends from Georgia who came together with a common goal: to search for answers to the mysteries of the paranormal world. They locate, research, and report on locations that the average person wouldn’t dare step inside. 

Josh Purvis has been involved in the paranormal industry for 12 years. His first paranormal experience occurred at the Sorrell-Weed house in Savannah, Georgia. He and his wife were participating in a haunted tour and snapped several photos in the basement. On their drive home, they found an apparition of a woman in one of their pictures, and Josh was hooked. He has investigated locations across the southeast, searching for ghosts, aliens, and even the elusive Bigfoot, in addition to having a strong background in filmmaking. Through his paranormal interests, he met Shane Pittman about 10 years ago, and the idea of Searchers began. The rest, as they say, is history.

 As seen on Travel Channel's The Holzer Files, Shane Pittman is an equipment technician who has had profound unexplained paranormal experiences since childhood. Pittman became determined to learn as much as he could by researching every possible technological method, in the hopes of finding the truth about his otherworldly encounters. Pittman strives to use his passion for modern technology to advance the field of paranormal study, attempting to scientifically validate paranormal experiences using the latest techniques available. Pittman works alongside Josh Purvis with their group, the Searchers. You can follow Shane on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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