Small Town Tales Podcast

Episode 25, 2023: The Secret Life of the Fae with Kate Hare

January 26, 2023 CL Thomas Season 3 Episode 25
Small Town Tales Podcast
Episode 25, 2023: The Secret Life of the Fae with Kate Hare
Show Notes

In this episode of Small Town Tales, my guest, elemental researcher Kate Ray, takes a deep dive into connecting with elementals, that is the Fae. Her journey takes on paranormal cases involving these spirits that beg every paranormal researcher to look closer into the spirit world.

The fae, in the broadest sense, is all those who belong to the order of fairies, including those creatures which seem to be disconnected from the classic fairy archetype and are likely to not match mentally with most people’s images of what a fairy or faerie really is. There are many names given to these creatures across every culture on the planet. The names appear in popular literature dating back to Roman Times.

So what are the fae and what is their purpose? Kate talks about her personal experiences and studies into the secret life of the fae, as well as pointers for those who may have an elemental attachment to their property.

About Kate Ray:  Kate Ray is a paranormal investigator, researcher, and writer for Haunted Magazine.  and has been featured in the text about faeries. Her podcasts center on faeries and what they mean to the ghost-hunting community. As part of her podcast, she has interviewed many famous people and asked them about their understanding of high strangeness. She often gives talks about the paranormal with a focus on her work with faeries. Kate is also an artist, teacher, herbalist, tarot reader, seer, and practicing pagan.

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