Small Town Tales Podcast

Episode 10 2021: Shoshone Hauntings: Spirit Entities of the West

November 09, 2021 CL Thomas Season 1 Episode 10
Small Town Tales Podcast
Episode 10 2021: Shoshone Hauntings: Spirit Entities of the West
Show Notes

Small Town Tales Podcast November 2021

The Western United States has long been a place run by wild horses, wild rogues, and as it turns out wild energies. Gamblers, pioneers, cowboys, outlaws, prospectors, and gunslingers all converged in small boomtowns across the West, all of them surrounded by vast stretches of lands shrouded in a mystery of strange tales that were either tied to the land or possibly other dimensions. Yet, the Native Americans who ruled these lands embraced the spirit world that existed around them.  

In this episode, members of the Te-Moak tribe of Western Shoshone and founders of the Native Paranormal Seekers speak about the spiritual traditions, cultures, and entities of the West. Founders Kent Bear and Tonya Whitefawn use old Native American Spirituality and ancient methods to contact the spirit world, whether they be human or otherworldly beings.

As spiritual healers, Native Paranormal Seekers believe that everyone possesses gifts to feel and see earths energies and spirit activity. The difference is that Native Americans have always invited spirits to be a part of ceremonies and traditions, including ancestors and other Supernatural Beings believed to be Benevolent. 

Native Paranormal Seekers are highly sought spiritual healers in their community and investigate to communicate with the spirits and to heal those on the land they may be affected by these paranormal entities. Join us as they share their cultural insights and personal experiences from their investigations into elementals, nature spirits, water babies, wendigos, bigfoots, and skinwalkers.

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