Small Town Tales Podcast

Episode 12 2022: Demonic Lore

January 06, 2022 Season 2 Episode 1
Small Town Tales Podcast
Episode 12 2022: Demonic Lore
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Small Town Tales Podcast January 2022

​Sometimes, in this world we inhabit and think we understand, things occur which go beyond our comprehension, things that shatter our conceptions of an ordered existence, but nonetheless are very – undeniably – real! 

Thus is the credo of Duo Daemonologie.  

Author/paranormal researcher Carl L. Johnson and Theologian James Annitto, both of whom are highly regarded in the related fields of demonology and para-psychological exploration, offer their advice and expertise into the realm of demons.

Carl and James talk about their lives as demonologists, taking us through their process of determining a demonic attachment from other phenomena in the quest to help their clients. Join us as we take a deeper dive into the realm of demonic lore and theories as to why demonology has become so popular on the paranormal front. Carl explains his avocation as follows: "Demonology is concisely defined as the systematic study of the lore and cultural traditions of 'wicked spirits'."

Specializing as a demonologist, Carl Johnson continues his exploration of occurrences suspected of being of preternatural origin. He writes and lectures on related topics and is well-versed in arcane lore. He is the co-author, along with Lana J. Brock, of "Shadow Realms Demonology Handbook". ​​ Carl L. Johnson has been investigating reports of strange phenomena for the past 47 years, beginning with his association with noted ghost-hunting couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. As members of a team based at Rhode Island College, Carl and his twin brother Keith were called in to investigate the Perron family's farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island during August and September of 1973 and they alerted the Warrens to the Perron's situation.

James Annitto is a Deacon and a Demonologist who has worked alongside many other specialists in this field. James is also a paranormal investigator/researcher and member of Duo Daemonologie, Paranormal Phenomena Research & Investigation (PPRI), Sanctuary Paranormal, and the former founder/owner of The Dominion Ministry. He has been in the paranormal field since the early age of 15, investigating graveyards and legendary surroundings in the New England area such as Mercy Brown, Ladd School, USS Salem, and Slater Mill.  

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