Ep. #90 | The Entrepreneurial Journey and Talent Pooling - Tom Davenport (Alvius)
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Ep. #90 | The Entrepreneurial Journey and Talent Pooling - Tom Davenport (Alvius)
Feb 28, 2024 Season 1 Episode 90
Connor Heaney

On this episode of The Open Talent Report, Connor Heaney speaks to Tom Davenport, Managing Director of Alvius. Alvius is a leading technology company which provides VMS and talent pooling technology solutions to staffing, recruitment, and jobs businesses.

Tom is a 3-time founder. He has also been a consultant for PWC, an Innovation Advisor for the Tesco Group and a soldier in the British Army Reserve.

 In this episode, Connor & Tom discuss:

2.11 Tom’s storyhow he became an MD at Alvius
8.15 In the era of talent pools and talent marketplaces, why are recruitment and staffing agencies still in business?
18.31 The fetishization of failure and Tom’s learnings from failure
23.23 The journey of raising money
29.14 The challenges Alvius solves
35.12 The talent scarcity crisis – how can technologies like Alvius’s solve this?
45.05 Is there a role in matching talent outside a country’s borders?
50.05 AI and jobs displacement
54.48 Predictions for future of work

Connect with Tom: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-davenport-8a35011a/
Connect with Connor: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hrmconnorheaney/   
Visit Alvius's website: https://alvius.com
Visit CXC's website: https://www.cxcglobal.com/