E.132 Season Finale: Celebrating Growth, Resilience, and the Transformative Power of Therapy
Finding Your Way Through Therapy
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Finding Your Way Through Therapy
E.132 Season Finale: Celebrating Growth, Resilience, and the Transformative Power of Therapy
Dec 27, 2023 Season 10 Episode 132
Steve Bisson, Courtney Romanowski, Stephanie Simpson, Dennis Sweeney, Andy Kang, Maegan Visconti, Jenny Helms, Pavel Ythjall, Eric Knox, Chris McDonald, Bill Dwinnells, Lane Kennedy, Michele Lareau-Alves, Gordon Brewer, Susan Roggendorf, Gina Moffa

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As Season 10 draws to a close, it's a time for heartfelt reflection and storytelling that will leave you both inspired and introspective.

You'll be moved by the tales of growth from those who make a living by listening, like Courtney Romanowski, whose transition from guest to guest host embodies the beauty of mental health counseling and expressive arts therapy. She can be reached on her website here.

You will hear from Eric Knox who discussed firefighters and mental health.

Pavel Ythjall describes his strength when tragedy struck during the holidays with his new bride. His  book can be found on Amazon.

Michele Lareau-Alves wants to talk about sex and she can be reached on Psychology Today.

Is attachment issues affecting your life? Marc Sholes discusses that and his website can be found at Marcsholeslcsw.com.

A regular on the show, Stephanie Simpson, discusses the importance of good coaching and good coaching training. She can be found here.

The fearless leader of the PsychCraft Network, Gordon Brewer discusses spirituality and podcasting. He can be found here.

Bill Dwinnells is my business partner in Gambit Counseling. He has many years of experience in the crisis world.

Susan Roggendorf is a sister from another mother and had has a great podcast called F*ck The Rules.

Lane Kennedy and Tamar Medford are the amazing hosts of Laughing Without Liquor, a podcast for sobriety, focused on women.

Andrew Kang and Dennis Sweeney are part of our Mental Men group, returning guests for sure, who talk about mentoring, treatment, and mental health,

Chris McDonald is the host of The Holistic Counseling Podcast, part of the PsychCraft Network. We talk holistic treatment.

Maegan Visconti talks about dance therapy and mental health treatment. She can be reached at A New Leaf Counseling.

Gina Moffa is a grief author and good friend of the show. She is truly amazing and her website is ginamoffa.com.

Finally but certainly not least, Jenny Helms, LCSW is by far my favorite social media publisher, but she is so much more more than that. She is also a great business owner and has the largest independent office of therapists in Kansas.  They are called Somawichita.com

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