E.138 Navigating Emotional Landscapes for a Healthier Self With Jenny Helms-Calvin
Finding Your Way Through Therapy
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Finding Your Way Through Therapy
E.138 Navigating Emotional Landscapes for a Healthier Self With Jenny Helms-Calvin
Feb 07, 2024 Season 11 Episode 138
Steve Bisson, Jenny Helms

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Navigating the labyrinth of our minds can be daunting, but with the guidance of Jenny Helms Calvin, we make the journey both enlightening and accessible. Jenny, whose own battle with an eating disorder propelled her into a life of helping others, returns to share her profound insights into the world of therapy and personal development. We tackle the delicate art of setting boundaries, the value of cognitive behavioral therapy in maintaining emotional health, and the dance between professional and personal growth. With each story and piece of advice, we map out a path toward self-worth and healing from attachment trauma.

Laughter and learning go hand in hand as we dissect the complexities of human interaction and the necessity of context when interpreting the boundaries within different relationships. With humor as our compass, we navigate through the awkward, the uncomfortable, and the all-too-human moments that come with setting personal limits. I offer anecdotes from my own life, illuminating the often-overlooked flexibility required in maintaining healthy boundaries, whether with family, friends, or colleagues. Our conversation is a reminder that while the lines we draw may shift, the importance of respecting them remains constant.

As we close this chapter, we reflect on the transformative power of connection, the importance of active listening in nurturing relationships, and the hopeful message that growth is an ever-present possibility thanks to neuroplasticity. Through shared experiences and candid vulnerability, Jenny and I affirm that the road to recovery, though winding, is paved with continuous learning, self-awareness, and the courage to face our emotional baggage. This episode isn't just a discussion—it's an invitation to join us on a path to a more connected, conscious, and compassionate life.

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