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Be YOU, not them! Build yourself a bold brand on a BUDGET! Ep 13 Season 2

March 30, 2022 Kristy Carruthers Season 2 Episode 13
Be YOU, not them! Build yourself a bold brand on a BUDGET! Ep 13 Season 2
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SHEcorporated One Step Empire
Be YOU, not them! Build yourself a bold brand on a BUDGET! Ep 13 Season 2
Mar 30, 2022 Season 2 Episode 13
Kristy Carruthers

You are your brands biggest asset.  

Sometimes when we start out, we imitate the successful brands in our space because we think that’s what we need to look like to be taken seriously, or to look like we belong in that space.

But here’s the thing, you don’t want to look like everyone else – your strength is being authentically yourself and letting THAT take centre stage in your branding.

You can build a bold bankable brand without breaking the budget and Taylor Simon is going to talk us through it in this episode.

There are a few key things you need to do to make your brand recognizable and professional and spoiler alert - they don’t cost a thing.

On this episode we’re talking colors, fonts, websites and content creation, all in the simplest, lowest cost way possible, to get you past the excuses and into a brand that stands out.

So ditch the brand shame and create something  unforgettable and authentically you!

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Show Notes Transcript

You are your brands biggest asset.  

Sometimes when we start out, we imitate the successful brands in our space because we think that’s what we need to look like to be taken seriously, or to look like we belong in that space.

But here’s the thing, you don’t want to look like everyone else – your strength is being authentically yourself and letting THAT take centre stage in your branding.

You can build a bold bankable brand without breaking the budget and Taylor Simon is going to talk us through it in this episode.

There are a few key things you need to do to make your brand recognizable and professional and spoiler alert - they don’t cost a thing.

On this episode we’re talking colors, fonts, websites and content creation, all in the simplest, lowest cost way possible, to get you past the excuses and into a brand that stands out.

So ditch the brand shame and create something  unforgettable and authentically you!

Links from this episode: 

Taylor Made Pop Shop 
DISCOUNT CODE: SHEMADE10 to get 10% Off all items in the Pop Shop

Find Taylor on Instagram: @iamtaylorsimon

Get your FREE Bootstrapper's Guide to BIG Marketing on a Small Budget:

Visit SHEcorporated main site:

Ready to SMASH Your Goals?   We're here to help!

Make this the year that changes EVERYTHING.  

Now offering limited spots in our full day “Done with You” Success Blueprint Days  for personalized marketing and strategy to propel you to your biggest year ever!


kristy: [00:00:00] You are your brand's biggest asset. You know, sometimes when we start out, we imitate the successful brands in our space because we think that's what we need to look like to be taken seriously, or to look like we belong in that space. But here's the thing you don't want to look like everybody else. Your strength is being authentically yourself and letting that take center stage in your branding. 

You can build a bold bankable brand. Without breaking your budget. And Taylor Simon is going to talk us through it in this episode. There are a few key things you need to do to make your brand recognizable and professional. And spoiler alert. They don't cost a thing. In this episode, we're talking colors, fonts, websites, and content creation, all in the simplest lowest cost way possible to get you past the excuses and into a brand that really stands out. 

So ditch the brand chain and create something unforgettable. And authentically you. Let's get into it. We are so fortunate to have Taylor Simon with us [00:01:00] today. Hey Taylor. Hello? Hello. Uh, Taylor is an author mentor, speaker, and coach who also happens to host business and branding empowerment workshops, and has a masters in organizational leadership. And I know I'm missing about a dozen things, you're probably a multi-passionate entrepreneur right 

taylor: down to your toes. Yes, I am so passionate about. Really simply just helping people to be who they were made to be, and, you know, even drawing out their passions and helping them to look good while they're doing.

kristy: today Taylor is going to talk us through, building a bold brand without breaking your budget, which if you've seen her website or photos, if you haven't, you have to go look at them. after the podcast, you're going to know she's an expert at this. It's kind of a weird thing to say, but I, I kind of want to hang out in your lifestyle, photos on your site.

Like I want to climb right in and neon colors. Aren't usually my jam, but I think it's the, the authenticity and the fact that it's so not the norm that it makes it irresistible. 

taylor: Yeah, that is [00:02:00] exactly the motive, the mission and the message is not necessarily about, you know, being wild with all the bright colors.

it's simply just about standing out and you being yourself, you being authentically, you who you were made to be in business and in life. 

kristy: It really comes across. And I have to tell you, I was checking out your website and I got to this little section, like I even printed it off. I got to your fun facts section and I printed it off.

Cause I was like, I need to do this. cause you read that. And I feel like, you know, you feel like, you know, you, after reading that 

taylor: it makes you feel a little bit more personable. You know, more interesting and more relatable and relational. And I think, in the industry that I'm in, I think that is so extremely important.

One of the main things that I've learned, is to be yourself, you know, there's only one you, and so why not exemplify that all the more in your. 

kristy: Absolutely for your own benefit and for your clients. And now I come to hangout. I need to bring hot Cheetos and purple Skittles. Yes, please. [00:03:00] 

taylor: We're all set the hot seat and I'll love you forever.

kristy: My daughter only likes the green Skittles for some reason. So, you guys can hang out 

taylor: and you wouldn't fight over the Skittles. 

kristy: So I gave it a little bit of information there on, on kind of who you are, what your background is, but there's, there's so much, so much that you've done and so much that you're doing now.

Can you give us just a little bit more insight into kind of how you got where you are and what exactly it is that you're doing now? 

taylor: So I would kind of say that I'm like a retired superstar. or a superstar want to be, I want used to want to be at a career in the music industry. I was, I was a, you know, a performer and I performed with, celebrities, tank and Huey and all these cool.

I even toured and did some modeling and some really cool things. And as I went on this journey of just self discovery, I began to realize that I was settling for only a portion of who I was. And I was, I, there was more to me that I was making. I realized at that point [00:04:00] and during that journey, and throughout that, I discovered that I was really good at graphic design and photography and, just strategy and really empowering and inspiring people.

Right. And so, as a result of that, I ended up starting I say this all the time, like I used to be, I used to call myself like the home go down. I feel like every entrepreneur wars stars starts off as like the home girl down the street where people can call you at any time, they can reach out to you at any time because you're just hustling, right.

You're just trying to do what you gotta do in order to make some income. And because. Desire in your heart to create or to, just to, to make something. And so that was what I was doing. But then at, you know, when I got married, my husband's like, wait a minute, you have something here. You really need to get serious about this and really make something out of this.

And so I ended up starting my first, business and it was called tased divine [00:05:00] designs on a really cute, and I just think some graphic designs, first. Small businesses and influencers. Then I was really charging like less than a hundred dollars. Starting off. and I used what I had right. Where I was, in order to grow my business to where it is right now.

And long story short, I ended up actually changing my business name, like several times. Because I'm going to be honest. I don't think people talk about this a lot, you know, especially entrepreneurs. We don't talk about just the mini, trial and error moments that we have, you know, when it comes to getting to the final end destination of like, what do I really want to say?

You know, what do I really want to name my business? And, and the end result was tailor-made consulting agent. And interestingly enough, I felt like in this, in the industry that I'm in now, I felt like I had to be this super serious, very professional.

Of course you have to be professional. Regardless, but I [00:06:00] felt like I had to be this super serious, very rigid type of business woman in order to attract the dream clients that I wanted to work with. Right. But I felt like I was not being my authentic self. I felt like I was trying to conform to what everyone else was doing.

Literally down to the T of my colors. I felt like in my pictures, I felt like my pictures had to be serious and stoic and just like cross your arms and look serious in your images. And I had super deep, very, like I had a plum purple type color tones, very dark and just serious. it just wasn't me.

And so I realized years ago. That I needed to, I need to step out and truly be unashamed about what I want to say and who it is. I want to be in this industry and not settle for sane. And that's what I did. That was my, that was like the next step of me really discovering even more that I was made for so much.[00:07:00] 

Then this than settling for same. And so that's how I got to where I am right now with TMCA. 

kristy: and that's the key, isn't it? I mean, we all feel that way. I think when we start out, because we feel like if we look like the successful guys, then, then we'll be one of the successful guys. We don't want to stand out.

And I think that's the evolution of learning. You're getting comfortable in your own skin and setting yourself apart from the competition by being you so let's talk about what we're going to talk about today. Our topic today, building a bold brand without breaking the budget.

Of course. We going to start with that. It's a big 

taylor: topic. I know it is. And I think I just kind of want to go back to what I said, you know, before is that it's important to use what you have, right? Where you are. You know, I feel like we talked about it a little bit before is that we get the shiny ball, syndrome going on and we get distracted by what we see on social media and how people are, you know, marketing their business and how people are branding their business.

And we don't really take the time out. To plan with the sticks and [00:08:00] stones that we've been given. And when I think about sticks and stones, I think about I got a stick and I have a stone and this is all I have. And, and I gotta make it out of something. I'm going to build a house with it.

I'm going to build something incredible with it. And you absolutely can. And so one of the things that, I have just like six things, the first thing as it relates to building a bold brand without breaking your budget. Cause I was there, you know, in the beginning and I literally had zippity in my bank account, but I had a dream and a vision.

And the first thing that I did was made sure that I had polished pictures. Okay. Because polished pictures attract professional people. Regardless, you know, and hear, hear me out. There is a new iPhone out. It's amazing. Absolutely. It does wonders. And so there are so many settings that you can utilize. Really amplify your picture, you know, to make it look professional, of course, as it relates to the way that you position your picture,[00:09:00] listen, don't use it arm extended out selfie type of position to get those pictures.

Okay. Unless you are a lifestyle, type of business. You know, where you need to kind of capture imagery within a certain setting to compliment your brand messaging, because that's important as well. However, if you are a coach, if you're an author, if you are a CEO, if you are a boss, you know, you need to make sure that you get you a sand girl, you go on Amazon and you get a phone stand that can cost you less than $20.

or if you don't even have that, if you like, I have no budget at all, prop up your phone on, something some books

 pick a location that complements your brand messaging as well, you know, in your pictures, make sure your pictures are representative and reflects the value of what it is that you're selling and producing. You know, all these things are important to representing and having a showcase casing, polished pictures in order to attract your dream clients.

Okay. that's a [00:10:00] little bit about that now, the second thing is to design a brave and bankable brand. Okay. I have a few things here in order for you to have a brave and bankable brand, you're going to have to do some brave things, like maybe do some things that you may not necessarily want to do that a brand designer would normally do.

Okay. And this would consist of you coming up with. Three to five primary colors for your business. Okay. Now we're getting into the branding three to five primary colors for your business that that really truly represents the personality. and the persona of your business. One of the things that I say again is that you don't have.

Neon colors in order to stand out. However, your message is what's going to carry out everything else that you're going to be setting up for your brand. And so with that message, make sure that the colors and everything that you have for that does [00:11:00] compliment, what it is that you're saying and the audience that you're saying.

that is absolutely positively important. Second thing is make sure that you also have funds that represent your brand. Choose three fonts. Okay. I want you to choose a script. that you can use, for certain types of headers and things like that, four your hero banner that you may want to create yourself on canvas on your website, and also have a secondary font that you can use.

that's more like a sansera font that you can just use For certain headers on your website as well, or say, for instance, if you want to just highlight, something bold to say on your Instagram, graphics and posts. Okay. And then also your third point that I want you to pick out is a thought that you can use for paragraph texts.

This is what's going to really change the game for you, and it's going to set you apart. From everybody else who may have a budget and they're just kind of just throwing [00:12:00] things to. But I am like giving you all, some good secret sauce. Okay. 

kristy: not everybody will consciously notice that your fonts are to a certain brand standard that you always use the same fonts, but they will unconsciously notice it. And they will just like, you're more professional without ever being able to say why they feel like you're more professional. And make sure when you pick your fonts and you can go into like Canva and, you know, play around with different fonts to see what you like, but tested out on copy that you use a lot words that you use a lot, your, your signature, for example, and I say that because we had one of our companies, they, they chose this font for the, for the signatures and it, it didn't join up very well with ours for some reason.

And I have a ton of ours in my name. It drove me. We finally had to change the font because it drove me crazy because my name looked so weird in it. So test it with the copy and the words and the things that you use all the time too, to make sure that you like it. And it 

taylor: works. Absolutely. And fonts, brand recognition.

doing all of these things that I'm telling you, it's, it's, it's a brave move for you to do [00:13:00] these things. Because a lot of entrepreneurs that are starting out, they just kind of pick up, pick a phone or pick a color, and then, then they'll change it in the next couple of weeks. But what, I would love to set you up is I want to set you up as an.

And what it is that you're doing right off the bat, you know? Cause that's what we want to do. We wound up, we don't want to position ourselves as amateurs because you do have value in what it is that you're saying, even if you're just beginning. And so brand recognition is key brand consistency is key.

And so having these things, utilizing these things consistently frequently all the time is key. If you think about. What do you think about you think about the color red, you know, cause they use that color very consistently, you know, quite often, right? If that's brand recognition, you're able to recognize that brand.

They also have a script font that they use consistently for their brand. And so you want to do those things, in order to position yourself as a bold brand. so those are just a couple of ways that you can design a brand that is bankable, that is attractive. and so my next. I want to talk [00:14:00] about is to build an income generating websites, that wows.

 one of the things that I absolutely love to do is I love to create websites, templates for entrepreneurs that are just starting out. I feel like not all the time are we going to have this thousands of dollars? To build our brands, and not all the time. Do we have the time.

To build a website. sometimes depending on the situation that we're in, we need to create some income, like quite quickly. And I thought about myself because when I was first starting off, I honestly had no idea what, what I was doing. Variant trying to DIY stuff.

Right? You learn a 

kristy: lot, 

taylor: you learn a ton. And a lot of times when you're DIY and I'm looking at all the YouTube videos, ain't nobody goes over that. You know, you just don't have the time to be trying to do all that. What I did, I was able to, I started a pop shop and I was able to, to create some simplified, ready-made [00:15:00] templates that pop, you know, for entrepreneurs.

And so it's just, it's a captivating collection of both biz and branding resources for creative entrepreneurs, brave business professionals. And. Influencers. They want to make a statement, monetize their brand and launch their business with ease. And so literally it's just candle website templates. 

kristy: Can you use those on, are there specific, platforms. 

taylor: so with these particular templates, you basically have to use it like a landing page. Okay. You can use it for a sales page, a landing page, or one page scrolling website, it just kind of depends on their goal. However, there is a way that you can utilize these, these templates and place them within a word.

 Or a Wix or a Squarespace type platform as well. So that, that there is a way to do that. However, if you're just getting started and you don't have, a huge. this is a game changing way to build your email list, to advertise and promote like your [00:16:00] next webinar or product. And it's all ready-made.

And so you can simply just plug in a field, you know, your colors, and if you want to change the colors, you can, you want to change the fonts you can. And all you have to do is just pop in your images, put in your content Agilent. And get ready to create some income, build your audience and generate a community.

If you will. 

kristy: And I don't care what business you're in. I don't care if you're online, if you're brick and mortar, if what, what you do it doesn't matter what your business is. You have to have a website now because 100%, if I go to somebody, to look somebody up to find out more about their business and they don't have a website, I'm like, Yeah, maybe not.

If they haven't put in the time to put together a website and it, it is a learning curve, no matter what platform using using Shopify, or if you're using WordPress, whatever you are, there's a learning curve to putting together a nice looking and functioning site. And I think as soon as you have your business idea, as soon as [00:17:00] you have the basic functionality for your business, you need to be collecting emails.

So if you've got that built right in from the start with a simple one page is fine. As long as you can collect those emails. 

taylor: Absolutely. And one of the things that I truly love to do is we have so many pretty websites. Anybody can have a pretty website, but not everybody can have a powerful and strategic website.

And so, which is why I always really enjoy in. Entrepreneurs that whenever you were creating a website, don't just make it pretty, but make sure you have a goal for each page. If you're going to have a multi-site website, or if you're going to have a landing page, if we're going to just start with that, make sure you have a goal.

What it, what do you want to do with this website? Are you wanting to build your email list? Are you wanting to drive in, generate more customers and build income in your business? Do you want To have more signups for your webinar, create more sales for your products.

What is the goal? What is the goal? And so whenever you [00:18:00] thinking about that, then you can say, Hey, okay. So I can put, in my hero, which hero banner, which is the top banner that everyone sees, which is so extremely important, you know, what you put on that banner? Is what's going to, set the tone for the rest of the website.

That's, what's going to determine whether or not your website is irresistible. That's going to determine whether or not your website is bold, whether it is effective or strategic, or even stands out at all, you can increase the likelihood of people staying on your website. For a longer period of time, depending on what you put there.

Okay. And so you can add your hero image there. You can also ask some really powerful and engaging verbiage, and language that speaks to your audience. That, speaks to why it is that you do what you do and what it is that you're, that you're trying to do.

I mean, you have the key, it's almost like an elevator speech. 

kristy: Because they may not make it past that hero image. If it's not a high quality image, if it doesn't have the right message, they they're like, oh no, this isn't for me. And they won't even look at the rest of your texts. 

taylor: Exactly. And so [00:19:00] even considering that when you're making your banners on Canva, you know, that is just extremely important whenever you're thinking about that so that you can not only have, whenever you are creating door, whether it is using my templates or you're building your own and DIY gauge in Squarespace or WordPress or something like that, make sure you also think about having several contacts. You know, that is another goal to keep in mind, whenever you are, wanting to drive the audience to a place or to a certain location.

And so those are just a couple of things that I would definitely recommend and suggest that you consider when you are building an income generating website that wow. Okay that wow. It's like, they're blown away. You know, they, they know what it is that, that you're trying to say. they recognize your brand messaging and who it is that you're talking to and what it is that you're trying to sell them right off the bat.

So the next one is, creating captivating [00:20:00] content that converts. Okay. So I love creating content.

But one of the things, and I think we talked about this Christie is that batch recording. I just want to start there, having content that converts is creating content that is. I think that is key. That's how you create content. That is captivating. captivating is not, just making it pretty, but It's moving people to do something right. It's mobilizing a community to, to enact. to converting them to actually paying or investing or signing up or something.

And so making sure that you're being consistent. One of the things that I love to do is batch recording. I'll pick a day out of the one day out of the month or one day, each week. And I'll utilize that day to focus on, or whether it is creating reels, whether it is creating YouTube content, whether it is, you know, creating content for mobile.

Whatever the case may be. I'm doing that on that day. And here's the thing. If [00:21:00] you don't have all the time, say for instance, if you are an entrepreneur and you are just starting out and you are still working the nine to five savers, if you're still working the nine to five, and you're just doing this business on the side, Managing your time.

Well, when creating content, that converts is key. And so picking that day, and blocking your time out, that's going to be extremely important as it relates to that. even before then making sure that you're planning your content out, what it is that you want to say, how it is that you want to say but having brand content ran.

Is extremely important and what they are is basically themes. I like to say, you know, choose five things that you want to focus on as it relates to your content and the content that you want to use to captivate and convert your audience. 

One of my themes is I choose one day out of the week, I'm delivering content on reels where I'm doing like behind the same content. And then one other day, I could be doing where I'm actually showing a testimonial for a client, where I'm posting a [00:22:00] testimonial video for a client.

The next it could be something inspiring, something informational, educational. I mean, pillars that you can set up for your business, to create captivating content that's consistent and that also converts. Okay. And so, as it relates to design, I love to design, of course you can utilize Canva.

They have so many free resources and Canva

so, first of all, make sure you utilize your brain colors. I'm going to keep up, use your brand colors, use your brand fonts. You know, don't just choose anything random because you're not a random. And so make sure that you're being intentional about that whenever you're creating your designs and utilizing those brand pillars.

So throughout the week to market your brand and to convert those clients, 

kristy: just back to the batch producing, just two benefits to that. I think one is that it'll get done if you block the time to batch produce, because if you'd just say today, I'm going to do a reel for tomorrow.

I personally know that it just gets to the to-do list for the next day. You say, all [00:23:00] right, Friday is my filming day. Prettied up and you have all your scripts ready, then it's actually going to happen. And two is you get in the flow and it's so much easier to do it all at the same time when you're in that mindset.

And you've got yourself prepared for that then to try and do a little bit of this and then move to something else and then come back and do that. you really get to stay in that creative. 

taylor: Absolutely. And scheduling your content because after you batch, the next step is to schedule, especially for those who don't have the time or the energy.

If you have children, like, listen, I had twins and now all the time does homegirl, um, have the time for that who has time for sleep, you know that, and if you have a nine to five job, you have to schedule that constant.

I mean, Facebook literally has an opportunity it's free where you can schedule your content on Facebook and Instagram at the same. Okay. You may not have the budget to pay for later, which is actually, which is actually in an inexpensive platform that you can use to post your social media [00:24:00] consistently online and things like that.

But if you don't have the money for that, Hey, use Facebook use Instagram. And I'm sure there's other platforms that have a free trial that you can utilize as well. You know, to get that. 

kristy: I think he even later has a free tier. I think that's where we started. So now we have the paid tier because it has more analytics and all of that stuff.

Yeah. That's life-changing and I don't think you can run business for any length of time and be consistent on social media these days, unless you get some kind of scheduling, 

taylor: but exactly all my bash. Oh, my gosh, if you are, this is one thing I'll say, if you are not delegating it to a virtual assistant or assistant, you need to automate, if you are not delegating, then automate.

And there's so many things that you can utilize to automate. Right. And so, and here's one thing that I also want to say too, you know, as it relates to automation or just. Positioning your business as a professional business in order to attract professional people or your dream client is to set your set up some type of systems and structure for your [00:25:00] business and prepare the documentation professional documentation on the backend.

First, that was one of the things that I'm so glad that I did starting off in business is to have some girl, if it's even in word document, have some sort of contract, some sort of, process for your business that will. Time money and energy, stress and headaches in the long run, that is what's going to help you to build a bull brand as well.

Is, do have those proper systems and the proper structure in place, when you are beginning your business and, I would even say, Hey, set up some, some office hours, if you can, it'll save some time and energy for you and headache, you know, really position yourself starting off first so that you can have those expectations, not only for your clients and customers, but also for yourself as well, especially if you have other things going on beginnings 

kristy: so much easier.

If you start it from the beginning, then to try and sort it all out later. 

taylor: Absolutely.[00:26:00] And so the last thing that I want to say is that you are more than a budget. Outside of all of the things that are very important to building a bold brand is realizing that you are a bold boss, that you are a bold person, that you are a fearless person.

One of the things I'm just passionate about. And one of the reasons why I started my business is. I felt like everybody was doing the same thing. And I felt like in order for me to stand out, I was going to have to do something bold and fearless. And I'm so glad that I did that because when I stepped out and really started to be myself and express myself and showcase personality in my brand and who I was, I started to create.

Way more money than I could ever imagine, or think I really started to attract five figure clients consistently started to make five figure months consistently. And it was because I decided to do something brave and bold [00:27:00] and realize, Hey, like, this is who I am and I'm just going to, I'm just going to do that.

Lemme voice be heard. I'm going to be authentic and, and I'm wanna really just instead of being a robot or a rigid person, I want to actually engage with people and stop following the trends and instead make new ones. And I'm going to be the one to stick out like a sore thumb, even if it makes me look stupid, sometimes I'm okay with doing that.

kristy: besides making you stand out from the crowd, And the competition. It also is going to help you attract your perfect clients, actually. Exactly. Resonate with your 

taylor: message. Oh my gosh. And that's exactly what happened. And it was almost like a magical moment that have it just boom. Things just started to open up for me.

And because I realized that I wasn't more than a. Yeah. You know, I was so much more than a budget. It wasn't just about the budget. It was about the message that I wanted to share. And your message will make money for you. who you are and who you were made to be, what you were made to share with the [00:28:00] world will bring everything.

It will make room for you. It will bring everything that you've been looking for. And so that's just one of the things that, I even love to do with my clients. Just kind of helping to have help them to have a new attitude. Because one of the things that we don't want to do is have brand shame.

we want to eliminate the brain shame, but that there are so many people who just hate their brand. they don't even want to promote or sale their brand because of. Uh, it doesn't look the way that they want it to look. It doesn't speak to their audience.

It doesn't really draw anybody's attention. Right. And so positioning yourself as a bold brand, doing these things, and really having a new attitude. a fearless attitude will really, truly make an unforgettable experience with every single one of your clients. 

kristy: I agree, but you have some great tips today.

Taylor, thank you for that. I've I've made some notes here as well, besides adding your favorite things from [00:29:00] that. Some other ones, one of my favorites that I think everybody listening today, should we should go back and look at if you've got a website built is to have a goal for each page. that's gold right there.

Just to actually go back to your own website, look at each page and even, you know, the major sections in each page and say, why is this here? What is it supposed to do? And is it doing it effectively? I think that's important for all of us. 

taylor: Well, one of the things I always say, all we have in a conversation or we want it to make a conversion.

It's true. Do we want, you know, something to say, or are we trying to sell something? Yeah. 

kristy: So many people, especially when they're starting out, just like you did, when you started your brand, you feel like you need to have this because someone else has this or because you saw it somewhere, but what is it doing for your brand and for your business and does it even really need to be there?

taylor: Exactly. Cause you know, there's so many businesses out here having a lot of fluff. but we don't want to have fluff. we want to really make an impact. There are so many businesses and so many people that need, and I'm talking to people right now that I'll listen to, there's so [00:30:00] many people that need your services and need your products and need all of your superpowers, and they need it, but they also meet people that are straight to the point.

You know, they need people that. Actually are serious about what they're doing and they're looking for somebody to work because there's a lot of businesses that are drowning, and why not be a solution. Why not, you know, start that businesses just the perfect time to do it.

So really, let your voice be heard and do something different, do something unique and a really, um, create a wow factor only. Sure. Wow. get rid of the fear of blending in and make a difference. Unleash 

kristy: your wow. I love it. Now. Taylor has been very kind she's actually given us a discount, off of those templates and other items that she mentioned.

So we're going to drop that link in the show notes. 

taylor: And also if you want to take out those toasts, those tailor-made samples that I made myself, you can go to.

I M Taylor, and if you want to follow me on social media, you can go to. I am Taylor Simon and I am sailor Solomon, [00:31:00] and I also have a YouTube channel where I really just enjoy all things, beauty, faith, lifestyle, business, and branding. and I also did a couple of videos on actually teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners, how to build their own way.

I teach them how to build their own website. I teach them how to create their own logo, design, and also how to build your own brand. I do that offer free on YouTube. So you can go to tailor mate. Sure we'll have that link in the description as well.

And yeah, so those are just some ways that you can contact me or you can just email me at info. I am Taylor So I look forward to chatting with you all and I'm really excited. So this year I'm actually. in the process of launching my business and branding academy.

and I started off doing some things for free on, on YouTube. And I really just kind of realized that there are a lot of other entrepreneurs and business owners that were. Really just don't have the money to invest in thousands of dollars in branding and business and running their business and even [00:32:00] marketing.

And so I was just like, you know what, I want to teach them the know-how without just eliminate the DIY and all of the brain shame. And I'm just like, you know what, I'm going to just kind of be right there with them to do that. And so y'all definitely be on the lookout for that. 

kristy: So we're going to drop that in the show notes. and if you're on a platform where you can't see the show notes, you can always just go to the podcast website, which is one step and all of the episodes, all of the show notes, all of the links for Taylor will be there as well. So if you're driving and you can't remember all the things, just go to one step and we will have it all there for you in the.

So, thank you so much for joining us today, it was wonderful to have you. 

taylor: Absolutely. I am so excited to be honest with you as well.