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When “success” isn’t bringing you joy. It’s time to go from overwhelm to overflow.

April 05, 2023 Kristy Carruthers Season 4 Episode 1
When “success” isn’t bringing you joy. It’s time to go from overwhelm to overflow.
SHEcorporated One Step Empire
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SHEcorporated One Step Empire
When “success” isn’t bringing you joy. It’s time to go from overwhelm to overflow.
Apr 05, 2023 Season 4 Episode 1
Kristy Carruthers

So, you’re doing all the things on your “what I need to accomplish in life” checklist, right?

We all have that mental checklist of the things we need to do to make us happy, fulfilled or successful. I have one too.

But when we check each of those items off the list, and we still don’t feel fulfilled, what do we do?

For a lot of us, the items on that list are the things we think we should do, or society told us we were expected to do, but what do we really want?  What would really bring us the joy and fulfillment we seek?

Leslie is sharing with us today the key to stepping into our feminine power and creating more joy and success in our business, or as she puts it, “going from overwhelm to overflow”.  

And I’m going to give you a hint now – it has to do with finding more things in your everyday life that you love to do.

Just doing things that bring you pleasure, will help you elevate your business and your experience. 


Let’s get into it!

Resources from Leslie:

Free Checklist Guide: 3 Keys to Live on Purpose & in Your Feminine Power...No Matter What's Happening in the World

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Show Notes Transcript

So, you’re doing all the things on your “what I need to accomplish in life” checklist, right?

We all have that mental checklist of the things we need to do to make us happy, fulfilled or successful. I have one too.

But when we check each of those items off the list, and we still don’t feel fulfilled, what do we do?

For a lot of us, the items on that list are the things we think we should do, or society told us we were expected to do, but what do we really want?  What would really bring us the joy and fulfillment we seek?

Leslie is sharing with us today the key to stepping into our feminine power and creating more joy and success in our business, or as she puts it, “going from overwhelm to overflow”.  

And I’m going to give you a hint now – it has to do with finding more things in your everyday life that you love to do.

Just doing things that bring you pleasure, will help you elevate your business and your experience. 


Let’s get into it!

Resources from Leslie:

Free Checklist Guide: 3 Keys to Live on Purpose & in Your Feminine Power...No Matter What's Happening in the World

Social Media Links




Ready to SMASH Your Goals?   We're here to help!

Make this the year that changes EVERYTHING.  

Now offering limited spots in our full day “Done with You” Success Blueprint Days  for personalized marketing and strategy to propel you to your biggest year ever!


Kristy: Leslie Sagio is a TEDx speaker, certified trauma informed master coach and founder of the Feminine Power and [00:01:00] Purpose Immersion, where she's transforming the lives of women so they can take center stage in life and in work and impact the world with their unique influence. And I am so excited that you're with us today, Leslie, I'm I, We've got so many great topics we're gonna talk about today.

I cannot wait to get into them. So 

Leslie: thank you for being. Mm. Thank you for having me, Christie. I'm excited to be here. 

Kristy: Now, I, I gave a very brief introduction there about some of the highlights, but you got a really interesting story and I would love to hear a bit more about your journey and what it is exactly that you're doing now.


Leslie: So I'm coming to you from Barcelona, Spain, but I'm originally from Los Angeles, California. So I, I've been in Europe for the past. I think I stopped counting 16 and a half, 17 years, something like that. Met my husband online, which is a very taboo subject back then. , this is before smartphones.

Moved my life to London and yeah, I had two kids and now we're down in Barcelona. So I've been very blessed to have this incredible international and purposeful [00:02:00] life as an entrepreneur, as a wife, and as a mom to two children while helping women. Unleash and lead in their feminine power so that they can be happy and free to live a life on purpose and in pleasure.

But it wasn't always like this for me. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, as a dark-skinned Filipino American girl, I looked very different from my peers. I struggled with self-worth and confidence getting teased and bullied as a young girl, and it was actually because of. Longing. To long and seeking external validation.

It essentially is what pushed me really hard to be so much in my masculine and do all the things and perform and do all those things off my checklists. And like I said, I spent so many years in my masculine pushing and striving instead of letting life support me. And in Los Angeles, California, I graduated from a prestigious [00:03:00] business school.

I worked for the biggest entertainment studio in the world, and then I co-founded a real estate company. But still, I played small still. I, I lacked my self worth and confidence and I did all the things. I grew up, I was told would fulfill me. And on the outside it looked like I was happy. But inside I still felt like something was missing.

When I moved to London, became a mother, I thought for sure that was it. That, you know, having kids, I'm complete, I'm fulfilled. I thought for sure that was the missing piece, but still I continued to be hard on myself. I had feelings of shame, feelings of guilt because my entire identity up until that point was completely revolved around my career, my work.

I defined myself around my work and it. Until my childhood best friend Bo, who passed away from cancer at the tender age of 33 years old, and that just changed everything for me. I [00:04:00] remember flying from London to Los Angeles on a completely full Virgin Atlantic flight, and yet I felt so alone. And while that plane was still in this tarmac, you know, ready to take off, I remember the tears.

Streaming down my face and I began, I realized in that moment, like that could have been me. That could have been me. This whole time I'm thinking I'm invincible and, and just realizing the, you know, I start to question my own mortality. Yeah. And as painful as that was, it really was the defining moment that set me on a catalyst of deep personal development and spiritual path and really seeking my deeper purpose.

And I questioned how was living, what was I placing my energy on? How was raising my children? What was I bringing into our home and into our environment? And that's really was my epiphany. And so I realized no more being a lone. No more going at life alone. You know, I hired a mentor. I realized I'm [00:05:00] not gonna do this alone.

I took control of my life. I got accountability, which was completely new to me. And I learned the tools and practices to stay in a place of calm and clarity and, and bust through those living beliefs around self-worth so that I can become really who I really was underneath this confident you know, confident, conscious and, and, and happy.

Woman, but you know, through culture and through society and through experiences in childhood that that just did my light. And so, you know, through my experiences, I know everyone, you know, your listeners may have a different experience, but essentially if, if you've ever wondered like. You're meant for more or there's gotta be something more like you did all the things that you were told you grew up would fulfill you, but still, you, you wonder if there's, there's something more.

Then that's what I would love for each and every one of you is just to really feel into your heart, into your purpose and your work and, [00:06:00] and know that. You absolutely can have more meaning, more connection, and more satisfaction in your life, and it is never too late and never too, too early to to start that that work.

Kristy: It's amazing. What a great story. And, and I, I, I think we do, right. We all have that internal checklist, and so often it's not, when we really sit down and look at it, it's not necessarily even items that we put on there, you know, from our heart there are things that we, we thought we should do or someone told us we needed to do, or and then that pivotal moment when you realize it's, you know, Tomorrow's not 

Leslie: promised.

Kristy: And you know, you only have, you only have today is is not a cliche. It's . It's it's real. And it's, it's, 

Leslie: it's something we need to take seriously. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. And that's, that's what I find that when a lot, most of us, we were so deep in our suffering and we [00:07:00] go through that pain. Whether it's the loss of a loved one or the loss of a job, or just the loss of way of living and being in this world, like, you know, through all of us have experienced the past two and a half years.

It's through that. Being in that, that low moment that really, I mean, essentially is a defining moment for you if, if people were to actually seek out a better way of living and being in this world, because it's only through that, that we realize we question our life, right? Like as human, human beings, that's how we experience life, is through contrast, is fear versus, you know, fear and love, joy versus pain.

And it's, that's, that's the only way is to experience and know one with the. 

Kristy: So let's talk about let's talk about overwhelm because I think, I don't know a woman today that isn't experiencing this at some level and I mean, especially the last couple of years, it's, and it does, hasn't gone back to normal quite yet, I don't think.

I think we took a lot on, and we haven't really let a lot of it go. So, 

Leslie: You 

Kristy: [00:08:00] talk about going from overwhelmed to living in 

Leslie: overflow. Can you explain that to us a little bit? Mm. Yeah. I love this one. . Everyone's so, so curious and it's, it's so possible. I think it's, first, it's the awareness of how we have constructed our way of living and being this world.

So, as you know, when I talk about the feminine, feminine power, feminine energy, you know, Mother Earth itself has both feminine and masculine energies, like even us, regardless of gender. We both have masculine and feminine energy running through us. There's this masculine very go energy. And if you think about feminine, there's this very flow energy.

You think about the sun, the moon, yin and the yang. So essentially we need both energies and consciousness running through us to live and work. In this world, we can't just, you know, be completely in flow and then not thinking about making like actionable steps and strategy and how to get there and building a team.

But it's when we were so [00:09:00] much in that masculine, like pushing through the pain. And it's like our, our actions are so linear and it's about. Competition over collaboration or it's about power over instead of empowerment. It's that it's through that hustle and it's through that constant go energy that that's when we start to get overwhelmed and burned out.

And so it's about finding that balance of when to know when to go. And then when to take those moments of pause. Taking those moments of reflection, like, Okay, how, how did I do that? What were some of the challenges? What were some of the wins? And then maybe you need to pivot your life, you pivot your business.

But it's, it's, it's only through those moments of like actual stop, stop what you're doing. You don't need to keep going. The world will, will, will keep spinning that we can actually. Have that feeling of of overflow. Because if we are constantly going and on autopilot, I mean our bodies, our nervous system is not built for that.

It absolutely isn't. But yet, in modern day society with 24 [00:10:00] 7, the internet and technology, we think that's normal. It's. Been normalized and we're seeing, I mean, it's affecting our health emotionally, physically, mentally, in our relationships, just in everything we see that it touches everything, that it's not sustainable.

So I, I believe, you know, I've seen this with my clients and with myself, that especially, you know, that sacred pause the past two and a half years where people actually got to, you know, didn't have to commute or they could take a break or they could like, you know, like they realized, Oh my God, there's another way.

Living and, and working in this world, it feels so much more sustainable and meaningful. And I think now going forward, it's like how can we find that balance now more than ever? Because now everyone has experienced that. And I know a lot of your, your listeners are entrepreneurs or they're starting to go into their entrepreneurship and I find that as entrepreneurs, that is key, right?

Is having understanding that balance and. Continuing to be pulled by that vision of like, yes, that's, isn't that why you [00:11:00] wanna be an entrepreneur? They have that work life balance to be able to, you know, do something that really brings meaning to your life to be able to, you know, raise your children and, you know, do those things that maybe you don't normally get to do because you're somewhere else nine to five.

So it's about having that awareness. That there is a better way of, of living and being and working in this world, and essentially that the way that we've been doing it, it's just, it's not sustainable. So, We 

Kristy: get so stuck in it, don't we, in all the things. We convince ourselves that, we have to keep going at that pace and, and it, it's hard to, to stop, but I'm a big, proponent of this while just taking, even just blocking days and taking white space time so that you can step back and, from a business perspective, step back and strategize and step back and, and really look at the picture.

And, you know, it's an interesting point, what you said about the last couple of years, because I think that's the gift of the last few years, is that What we thought was impossible was actually possible. You know, if you had said, Well, even at the beginning, I [00:12:00] remember them saying, you know, the schools are gonna be closed down for, for, for two to four weeks.

And, and that seemed like such an Im impossibility, like, What, what will people do? We can't go to work, We can't go, You know, it's just not possible. 

Leslie: And it was possible. So it really has stretched the, the boundaries of what we thought we could and couldn't do. Which to your point, I think we need to do more.

Yeah, absolutely. So I'm, I'm excited about what's, what's to come because now you know, most people, if not the most of the planet has experienced that. Being able to work from home, be with your family, not have the big commute, or leave a jlb and do the thing that you always wanted to do because maybe you had to leave the jlb or maybe, you know, you just realize there's, you're gonna go for it.

There's something, something more. Something more. So, yeah, I'm, I'm finding also that with my clients, especially those that have had to go back I know that most relationships are entrepreneurs, but those that have had to go back and perhaps they're, they're, they're dreaming or they desire for something [00:13:00] else, there's something really big that's happening right now for women and women leaders.

And so it's an exciting. 

Kristy: It is exciting. Now, one of the biggest blocks I think for women, , starting businesses and then taking their businesses to the next level is fear. You know, fear of judgment, fear of failure. All, all the fears. , I think is it, it comes back to stop us. So 

Leslie: how 

Kristy: do we go from, from fear to feeling confident and empowered in our.

Leslie: Mm. Yeah, a few things. I think that one of the main ones is to have mentorship, to be in a community with like-minded, open minded individuals that are speaking the same language, that are doing the same things that really have earned the right for you to really share what you're doing in this world. And, and you, you're there to uplift each other, I think, especially as women.

It is important now more than [00:14:00] ever, that we're together. Like it's not about competition, like what we see in one of our, one of, you know, our, our counterparts or our colleagues. Like that's a reflection of what's possible in us as well. And you know, one of my mentors has shared that a rising tide lifts all boats.

So as women, if we're there to uplift each other and support each other, there's so much more possible. For not just ourselves individually in our personal life, but professionally, And this is something that really changed for me during the past two and a half years because, you know, a lot of stuff had to go online and I got, you know, business mentorship and it's been, I'm on my third year now with my, my same business mentor and it's, it's life changing because when you're building a business, Like so much stuff happens.

Like you really have to get stretchy. It feels crunchy, like you're really doing the thing that most of our, you know, parents and ancestors, like they didn't, they were an entrepreneur, like they weren't doing the nine to five j o b and just getting [00:15:00] the paycheck and paying their taxes, which is great and.

There's so much more possibility and potential out there, and as for women, so it's so important that we come together and we support each other through our businesses and through our life. I found that as like the most, most important and transformational thing as a woman when you're building a business is to have other women that are building their businesses alongside.

Kristy: And it becomes a, a bit of an echo chamber, doesn't it? Especially as a, as an entrepreneur, because you don't, you don't have those colleagues necessarily to bounce ideas off of or to give you feedback, or you really need a community of some kind, whether it's peers, whether it's a mentor, you know, somebody to give you that feedback and, and have those 

Leslie: conversations with.

Yes, absolutely. Community is so important and that's, that's the power of the feminine as well, is that we love to engage in our emotions. We love to connect, we love to be intuitive and, and to share. And, and, and sometimes that may, well, we've been led to believe that [00:16:00] could be a sign of weakness is to engage in our motions.

But actually that's, that's one of our superpowers is that if we can learn to. Feel the feels and, and you know, if we are feeling enraged or we're feeling sad, feel it. And then what can you do? How can you transmute that into something purposeful? Right. So like I was talking about my grief and my sadness with my friend.

Yes. Doing the inner work and the personal development to heal, you know, how I was hurt and. What am I, what do I choose to do with what has happened now in my life? How do, how am I gonna use my life as a pH PhD to be able to just make this world a little bit better than how I came into it? Yes, 

Kristy: because it all counts.

And I think that's one of the, the stumbling blocks for women in new, you know, in newer businesses, that they're not looking at their life experience and all of the things they did before as, as having value because they're doing this new thing that's maybe not even directly related, but it all counts.

It's all part of 

Leslie: what makes you unique. [00:17:00] Yes, absolutely. And I get that a lot with clients who are like, Oh, I'm not, you know, not enough experience. I don't have the fancy letters after my name. And I say, Yeah, okay, you, you need to have some chops. You need to know a little bit of what you're doing. And. Your life as a PhD absolutely is going to serve you and it's going to attract your aligned clients.

People are gonna be looking for the way that you are, your messaging, your product, your service, and the way that you share it and the way that you do it. I mean, so many of us are, you know, doing. You know, sometimes doing the same thing, not really the same thing, but what really breaks through the clutter in the marketplace is our stories.

And as women, that's how we connect as well, is through story. So being able to share why you're doing the thing you're doing, or why you're inspired by this product, or why are you, you know, like that's, that's also the really powerful thing about how to buster those blocks is. Every woman has [00:18:00] a unique and powerful story and message and, and.

Yeah. It's just that's, that's who you are. And so being able to share that and speak your voice and your truth, I believe that's part of the entrepreneurial journey. You know, our businesses as entrepreneurs is our spiritual path, so whatever we experience. You know, when we were younger, maybe we got our light dimmed, or maybe someone bullied us and we didn't, we stopped speaking up for ourselves.

Or, you know, like we're still gonna come up against it in business until we actually do the work and, and heal, and then start to take those actionable steps. Like, yes, I'm, I'm gonna be pulled by my vision. Like I, this is what I want in my life. This is how I wanna feel. Then, then there's the, there's the, there's the expansion, there's the growth.

And that's what's beautiful about entrepreneurship is that it, it will push you, it will push you outside of your comfort zone. But as you know, like that's, that's where the magic is. 

Kristy: It's the best personal development, starting a business, you learn so much about 

Leslie: [00:19:00] yourself and you have to grow. You just have 

Kristy: to.

So, so you talk about building a business the feminine way, and we talked a little bit about that and unleashing your feminine power. Can you, let's dig into that a little bit and, and explain a little more about what that means and then how does that help us build a sustainable 

Leslie: business?

Mm. So one of the, the main main points that I, I share and I teach with my clients is part of our feminine power is our pleasure is to do the things that light us up, that bring us joy and a lot of women today, at no fault to them. They don't even know what that is. They're, they're doing the things.

They're like, That's it, Right? Like, , I'm doing it. They're doing the things. But yet, like they're overwhelmed. They're burn out. They're still questioning what, what they're doing meant for more mm-hmm. . And so when we're able to actually do the things that light us up, like what are those, just those small things like we're not talking [00:20:00] about the business per se, but.

Maybe someone, they, they love yoga. Someone loves swimming, someone loves kickboxing, someone loves doing art. Like what are those things that actually light you up from the inside? Because when we come from that place of pleasure, that actually activates the four feel good chemicals of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and our endorphins.

So when we can make decisions from that, Imagine what's possible as opposed to coming from stress and burnout and, and yeah. That's why we're feeling stuck. That's why we're feeling stuck. And so as women, that's actually our power is, there's a part on our body. I don't know if I'm gonna get edited here, but there's a part in our body that it's.

Sole purpose is, is, is for pleasure, and it's to remind us that we are the source of life, we are the source of creation, and that we don't need anything outside of ourselves to bring us [00:21:00] joy. So if we can continue to come back to that, that is our power. Our pleasure is our power, and that essentially is what?

Transmute into our, our purpose. And yeah, that's just, it sounds so easy, , but we forget it as women because we are doing all the things. Yeah. And we forget like what actually likes me up and brings me joy. And so a lot of the work that I do with women is. Pleasure, reach, research. What are those things you enjoyed when you were a younger girl?

What are the things that you enjoy now and do one thing every day? Just one thing. It's like building a muscle and going to the gym. You wanna start to form those new neural pathways you wanna start? Experiencing that in your body somatically so that it remembers, ah, this is what it means to feel good.

This is what it feels like. So when you're up against a decision, or if something's with your team member or something's with your [00:22:00] business, something in your life, somatically in your body, it'll, I, you'll know intuitively if it's. If it's a hell yes, or if it's a hell no. And so that's where we want the women to come into, into their empowerment is like, how do you feel?

And from that place, being able to make empower decisions and

Kristy: , from a practical perspective, you know, somebody who's looking at this and going, Okay, so how am I going to use this to, to build the sustainable business to help me build my business? Are you saying that we should be doing.

Just in our lives in general, we should be doing this, and that's just gonna help. In our lives entirely, or should we be actually trying to take some of these things that that bring us joy in figuring out how to actually put those into our business and make them part of what we do every day? Does that make sense?

Leslie: Yeah. I believe that when you start doing those things for your s. For yourself. Mm-hmm. , then it will naturally, that's the overflow. That's where the overflow comes in. When we start to do something that feels good for us, [00:23:00] it's like all those things that make us don't, that do not make us feel good, that do not light us up.

Those things will naturally fall away because number one, we'll be saying no to those things. And number two, our vibration will be so different and so high that we'll be calling in more Align. Opportunities more aligned, you know, relationships. I mean, that's, that's just how it works in this universe. It sets to start with us.

So as a woman, as an entrepreneur, coming back to yourself, coming, moving from the head into the heart, like so much, Yes. We have to do, we need the strategy, we need the systems. Mm-hmm. , Yes. We, we need all of that. Of course we do. We're not here to just, you know, we're trying to have a business , we're trying to have a business and, and have a profit.

But to make it sustainable, we're talking about the feminine way to make it enjoyable. To make it something where you're actually like, This feels, this, feels this. Fill me up. This fills me up. Like I, I don't. I, I love my [00:24:00] work. And it doesn't feel, doesn't feel like work. It doesn't feel like work. Yes, there's the business side, but when I'm with clients, when I'm coaching or when I'm facilitating my group program or when I'm doing an event, I mean, it just lights me up.

And there's been moments where, you know, I, I. I was recovering from a major near death, near death experience last year, and I was just getting pulled by my vision. Like I went into launch for my group program. I had the most successful year in my group program. I landed a TEDx talk. I did not even apply.

They came after me and invited me. Like, these are the things that happened when you, when you do the work, you align yourself. You get pulled by your vision. Why am I doing this? And, and really, you know, Create a future based on, this is a big one, is is based on your consciousness, not your circumstances. So like what I was sharing in my story, we all have stories like we all like, you know, regardless of where we grew up.

Married, not married, kids, no kids. Like we all, like we've [00:25:00] experienced. Challenging times and a lot of us trauma, whether it's Big T, Little Ty, which is a lot of what I work with my clients, and it's through the awareness and the work and surrounding yourself with high vibration people, places, and things that you can start to create that new future for yourself.

Instead of staying in that victim consciousness. And that's super important for entrepreneurs because we can really, we can get there. Right. It's like it takes a few years. Right? It's, it's so, it's hard. It's hard to, to build a business, especially if you're trying to do it on your own. And so it really takes, it takes a special work and it takes it, you know, I, I always said that the freedom.

That comes with being an entrepreneur. It also equals responsibility. Mm-hmm. . So as an entrepreneur, you need to step more into, we need to step more into our leadership, and that means, you know, taking responsibility for ourself. If that means I have to say no to [00:26:00] going to a party because I know I, I'm hosting event like, That's okay, that's fine.

Like, I have no problem saying, it's like, what, what's important to you? Right? Like, and then of course, yeah, finding that balance. Cuz you know, I, I like to have a glass of wine. I'm not gonna say no to that, but it's like finding the balance of like the life, the business, and Yeah. Still trying to do all the things.

I love that 

Kristy: though because I, I have, I have this conversation a lot with, with women talking about, I think if you're building your business, you should be building towards a life you love. I mean, you're, you're the architect. You know, build it the way you want it, not the way somebody else did it and not the way you think you should do it.

Where do you wanna end up? Let's build towards that. But something I'll get a lot of the time is people say, Well, okay. Art makes me happy, but my business is, you know, a roofing company. You know, how do I integrate the two? So I love what you're saying, that you don't necessarily need to integrate the two just by doing the thing that makes you happy.

You will naturally do better in your business and your business will naturally [00:27:00] migrate to something that makes you happy over time. Right? Yes. Because you 

Leslie: in your life. So 

Kristy: I think that takes a lot of that pressure off because people try and figure out, well how do I, how do I combine these things cuz I already have this business that's completely unrelated to all the things I love.

And you don't have to, 

Leslie: you can just, Yeah, that's it. That's exactly it. Is that we don't have to choose. That's again, a very masculine, like it's gotta be linear, it's gotta be one or the other. It could be both. It could be yes. And, and one can be your venture capitalist for the other thing that you're doing, right?

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I mean, unless they had like a very big trust fund from their parents, like you have to have a bit of a, you know, you have to be doing something alongside until you go all in on, on the other things. So, you know, it's, it doesn't have to be. It doesn't have to be super linear.

I mean, in fact, it's not linear, our lives and the entrepreneurial life, it's not, it's not linear at all. So just, yeah, just, just putting that aside, like doesn't have to [00:28:00] be one or the other. And it, it could be, it can be both. 

Kristy: Absolutely more joy is a good thing. No matter where it is in your, in your plan, in your life.

More joy is always good. 

 I would love to hear from you what your best piece of advice is 

Leslie: for 

Kristy: any woman just 

Leslie: starting out on her journey as an entrepreneur. Mm-hmm.

 I think it, it goes back to what I, what I mentioned that that, you know, in the beginning is to have a community and to have mentorship. I can't stress that enough. We can't be doing our businesses in a bubble behind the screen. We need to be connecting, you know, our, our connection is, you know, our, our currency, our network is our net worth.

Like you need to go out there and, and be meeting people and, and, and not be behind your screens and have, you know, be with other women that are building businesses. I find that. That's also where the, the healing [00:29:00] is. I find as women you know, now more than ever is to know and, and be celebrated and acknowledged for what you're doing.

And I think only women that are building businesses as well, they get it. Mm-hmm. , they get how difficult it is and also how much freedom and, and, and happiness there is on the other side of entrepreneurship. So, yeah, I can't stress that enough because for me, I was, I, I was trying to build my business on my own.

And it wasn't until I actually like, Okay, let me, let me, let me, let me invest in like a business mentor. And I'm in the third year running and it's, it's life changing. Life changing, I would say to have not just the mentorship, but also to have that community of women, which I like to call sisters a sisterhood that actually can see you.

That hear you, that meet you where you are and can hold you. Because as [00:30:00] women we're holding a lot, and if you're an entrepreneur, you're holding even more. Yeah. So to have a space where you can just come there, either today was a hard day and just allow yourself to be. Or to celebrate. That's a big thing I do with my clients.

Every time you hop on a call, who's got a brag? Everybody's gonna have a share. What are we seeing at acknowledging? What are we celebrating? Because as women, what I find is that it's easy for us to connect through pain and struggles and hardship. Yes, I get that. And what about. Your wins, what about your celebrations?

Like we, we tend to minimize that. Cause we're like, maybe, you know, I'm not gonna share that, or, you know, keep it quiet, but like, No, no, no, no, no, no. We're here to uplift each other. And again, whatever you see in another woman, it's a reflection of what's possible in you. 

Kristy: Yeah, we don't celebrate enough. I think we, we, we can beat ourselves up for weeks over a failure, but we have a success and we, you [00:31:00] know, give ourselves a pat in the back and, and that's the end of that.

So you're absolutely right. We need a, we need a sisterhood. So we are gonna put the link for your free checklist in the in the show notes. But I would love for you to explain just a little bit about what this great 

Leslie: resource. Mm. Yeah. Thank you. So, yeah, it's a free checklist guide, three keys to live on purpose and in your feminine power, no matter what's happening in the world.

And a lot of what we've just essentially explained today, it's, it's getting that those hot tips and tools of like, you know, Having that awareness, like where are you on the spectrum and that very masculine patriarchy, ver versus the feminine way, and what's your leadership style and yeah, how to get to the front side of that and not just for your life but in your business.

Like I mentioned, when we do this work for ourselves, this overflows to all parts of our life. So yeah, I'm excited. So do grab that free checklist. 

Kristy: Perfect. That's like the working companion to the conversation we just had. That's ideal. So we're [00:32:00] gonna put the link for that in the show notes. And if you are listening on a platform where you can't see the show notes, you can always go over to our website site, which is one step

Just like the name of the podcast, one step And we've got the link there to the checklist. We've got the link to Leslie site and all the things you can find them there. I just wanted to say thank you, Leslie, thanks for being with us today. You've given. Tons of great information that I think is gonna be really helpful to a lot of women listening.

So thank you for being here. 

Leslie: Thank you for having me, Christie. It's been, it's been a pleasure.