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Pay for the Thing at the End | Shooters Podcast Ep. 21

October 03, 2021 Brandon ShotMe Season 1 Episode 21
The Shooters Podcast
Pay for the Thing at the End | Shooters Podcast Ep. 21
Show Notes

It seems like a lot of entrepreneurs nowadays present free promotional webinars. They deliver great content, then do a sales pitch at the end of it. For sales teams, this is a regularly occurring part of the sales process. Yet we are very familiar with how some consumers get annoyed by this. On the other hand, others appreciate offers like this.

In this episode, Brandon talks about this particular scenario: attending webinars or events and business gatherings where you get offered something in the end by the host — identifying whether or not it makes sense for the consumers to pay for the thing at the end.


If you’re interested in learning more about the business behind shooting, this show is for you!



Brandon Shotme is the Founder of Shooters Camp, a program that helps photographers, videographers, and anyone with a camera live the life they truly want and feel empowered in what they are passionate to do.

In the past 10 years, Brandon went from being an employee to a videographer to a multi-business owner. He created multiple 6-figure businesses with his camera. He now shares his expertise across several platforms and is a featured speaker at conferences to aid business owners in creating engaging content.

Shooters Camp has helped hundreds of creatives step away from their job to take control of their time and make money using a skill they enjoy. Shooters Camp continues to provide its students with the training necessary to reach success and thrive in what they do.