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Secrets to Getting Millions of YouTube Search and Suggested Video Views from a Live Stream!
June 14, 2018 Jerry Banfield
The most exciting part about live streaming on YouTube is the ability to get people to watch after the live stream is over. Almost no other live-streaming platform does a really good job getting people to watch after you have finished the stream. Continue reading at . What are the Secrets to Getting Millions of YouTube Search and Suggested Video Views from a Live Stream? In fact, on YouTube, if you do a good job with putting cover photos, the title and the description on live streams and consistently live stream, you are very likely to build a foundation of viewers for whatever you are live streaming, and have an audience that consistently grows bigger and bigger over time. Unlike other live-streaming platforms where you might live stream there every day and you will just never get off the ground because if no one watches or hardly anyone watches while you are live, you won’t get any momentum going. On YouTube, we can build momentum just getting found in things like Search results and Suggested Videos. I’ve had a few of my videos go viral from live streams and that has built a huge audience on my additional live streams like for example, the “League of Legends” video that went viral on its own, even though no one watched it. It built a huge audience for future live streams with as many as 200 people watching on a “League of Legends” live stream just a few months after I did one that no one watched at the time. Secrets to Getting Millions of YouTube Search and Suggested Video Views from a Live Stream In fact, I had quit playing “League of Legends” and the video went viral. Then, I started doing live streams and had the highest number of viewers I’ve had for anything on YouTube because that one live stream that no one watched, or maybe one or two people watched at the time, ended up getting tons of views. Now, if you just keep live streaming and keep thinking about, how do I make things that people will search for on my live streams like tutorials or in-depth guides? How do I make things that people will look for over time? That’s what I try to do with my live streams, to make things that are worth watching long after I’ve produced them. This gives me the ability to consistently build my audience because audiences come and go very quickly. My “League of Legends” audience two years after that video is mostly gone now because I’ve stopped live streaming “League of Legends.” I don’t know any other platform though where you can start out from zero, have a video go viral from a live stream after you have made it, and then consistently have an audience show up and have the potential to earn good money off of that all in one spot. That’s why live streaming on YouTube is so exciting. The question then becomes, how do we get started and set up our live stream on YouTube? When we have got our motivation to do our live stream on YouTube, then we are ready to tackle the details of it because the details make a big difference. It is important to have your title, thumbnail and description on YouTube. Some other platforms like Twitch or Facebook, you don’t need to put as much effort into these, and this is one of the reasons a lot of us choose to live stream in places where it’s easier because in YouTube it takes a significant amount of extra effort to put that thumbnail in and put the text and the title in there. Continue reading at . Love, Jerry Banfield
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