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Jerry Banfield
Freedom from Thoughts of Violence By Separating Who We Are from What We Think #197
July 09, 2018 Jerry Banfield
How do we feel better after we think a violent thought? Where do we find freedom from thoughts of fear and separation by separating who we are from what we think? What works to help those feeling alone with ideas about hurting themselves and others? Why are our thoughts impersonal and often interconnected rather than personalized? Who can we talk to honestly and share the exact nature of the worst of what we see in our minds? When will we be free from fear of being a perpetrator or a victim of harm? I hope this episode of happier people podcast #197 has answers to these questions for you because for a lot of my teenage and young adult years these were the answers I needed and I am grateful I finally received. Today I am mostly free of thoughts of hurting others and being a victim while having experience capable of releasing many more from the same bondage. Love, Jerry Banfield
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