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After Making Millions on Udemy and Steem, How Do I Still Have Student Loan Debt?
July 22, 2018 Jerry Banfield
How does my family including my wife and I still have over $200,000 in debt from undergraduate degrees, law school for my wife, and a masters degree for me which collectively costs us thousands of dollars in interest alone every month despite earning millions of dollars on Udemy and Steem collectively? By the time everyone took their cut the actual before tax profit ends up around half a million dollars for the last four years of my business online. We did pay down hundreds of thousands in student loan debt and credit card bills but we borrowed so much that there is still so much more! I am selling my Steem today to pay down our loans to zero and start helping others instead of investing with people I mostly do not know in a cryptocurrency while paying thousands a month in interest. If Udemy had not banned me in 2016, I am certain the loans all would have been paid off by now. That said, I am practicing the mantra "I am debt free" because in the deepest sense and in the moment I do not owe anyone anything! If you want to refinance your loans, will you please apply with SoFi at because you will love the opportunity to potentially get a lower interest rate while earning $100 for using my link and helping me earn $300 towards paying down my loans as well? The full list of resources is available at Love, Jerry Banfield
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