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Jerry Banfield
21 Secrets of Influence Online
August 24, 2018 Jerry Banfield
Will you please join us in our 42 Secrets of Influence online video course at because you will love the tips we share for building a following on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Blogs, Twitter, and any other media based internet platform? If you prefer to listen on Audible, will you please instead buy the audio book using the links below because you might prefer to hear these tips while working out at the gym, walking the dogs, or driving in the car? As an Audible author and narrator, I earn $75 when you you purchase my book for your first ever purchase using these links! USA: UK: France: Germany: When you want to read the book on Amazon Kindle instead, will you please visit because you will find 42 Secrets of Influence there along with the rest of my books on Amazon? Enjoy here a free preview from the course with 21 Secrets of Influence Online containing the following tips!
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