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SEX How to Stop Thinking About Other People During Sex?
September 05, 2018 Jerry Banfield
Stopping thoughts and fantasy about others while having sex was way more challenging than I ever imagined. After one breakup, I felt bad about having thought so much about other girls while with my previous girlfriend and I swore I would never fantasize about another woman again while in a relationship. What happened? My best intentions kept getting swept aside in the face of old habits and fear. Years after my initial promise after a breakup, I was shocked to find that nothing had changed which motivated me to get to work. Over the next several years, I found solutions that have worked to help me stay present during sex and be free from fantasies of others. Part of the way I keep things that way is sharing what I have learned here with you so that you might experience the same freedom today! Being with one person and thinking of other sucks because feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse come alongside those thoughts. Just trying to fight or pray the thoughts away does not work either. If you want to have better sex and be free from thinking about other people, will you please watch this video or read the matching blog post at because you will love the experience I share here with you especially when you see it working in your own life? Thank you very much for reading about day #202 of Happier People podcast which is also available to listen on iTunes and Google Play at Love, Jerry Banfield
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