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Sermon Time! with Pastor Bob
The Unbearable Lightness of Communion Wafers
July 08, 2018 Donnie Buckingham
Pastor Bob leads an all-out sermon assault on the Catholic Church. Kid's Corner returns. The Great Prophet shares a picture of his nipple. Email the show at Credits: Written by: Donnie Buckingham and Zach Dahm Guest Writer: Jose Mendoza Pastor Bob: Donnie Buckingham Pendelton Tuck/ Jacked Johnson: Jose Mendoza Muay Thai Timmy: Jason Sakal Angelina Marham: Cynthia Corona Barnabas Costello: Zach Dahm Produced, edited, and engineered by: DZaStar ( Music by: Dominique Collins Logo by Mac Labrosse Sermon Time created by Donnie Buckingham
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