Karthik Narayanan

Being Authentic is Very Easy

May 30, 2021 Karthik Narayanan Season 1 Episode 2
Karthik Narayanan
Being Authentic is Very Easy
Show Notes

Authenticity. This has become the buzz word. People talk a lot about this but nobody explains how to become real, or authentic. Here’s my version
 Unfortunately, it cannot be taken as a task. It is what your personality reflects naturally. Simply put, your response and reaction to everything.
 What if it is anger? Temper? We are often told that we should CONTROL it. Well yes, but every time you do that, are you really overcoming that annoyance? The answer is NO. Here’s why –
 When we try to control that emotion, we are actually just curbing it, holding it back, pushing it away for that time being. Eventually it is not a RELEASE of that emotion, it has only PILED up to only see yourself, one day, erupting it like a volcano!
 So, the idea is NOT to suppress, limit, restrict or apply brakes on your emotion, it is to express them but without the negativity that entails it. Here’s how –
 ▶ Think of a situation where you are discontent of yourself
 ▶ Check what part of the body it is coming from? Relax it.
 ▶ Attach a value to the reason of your behaviour.
 The world doesn’t need your perfection. You are not your beauty, your charm, or your picture. You are your fears, challenges, scars, scratches and dents. That has made you who you are today!