Karthik Narayanan

How To Set Life Goals

May 30, 2021 Karthik Narayanan
Karthik Narayanan
How To Set Life Goals
Show Notes

I am going to talk about something very close to my heart. Everybody has this power of achieving our goals or, power of manifesting, especially the power of manifestation is a big topic. But do we have the power of manifesting our reality? Why am I saying this is because it is a scientific process. 
After all, your mind is very powerful. We just need to tune in a little bit on that frequency to get exactly what we want. So if we do that, I guess that manifestation, especially the power of manifesting or to break it even simple, how to visualize your goals, will become very easy for you.
 When I talk about manifestation and how to set your life, there is an important topic called goals. Everybody would have spoken about goals, and how or what needs to be done to achieve that, and all these things, but here's what I have done personally. I would love to share it with you so that it can be of some help to you. 
 I am a writer, so I read a lot of books, and I also started writing my second book. My first book was a huge hit. I take a lot of references for reading; to improve my skills as well as to get some more points. 
So this was I think in the year 2008, I believe that that was when the movie "The Secret" was launched and a famous writer called Rhonda Bryns of "Think and Grow Rich" This is one of the best versions that I have read. But the ultimate part of "Think and Grow Rich" was released by Napoleon, which is called "The Law of Success."
 "The Law of Success" is an amazing book which is about getting some real-life hacks or I could say or some real-life stories, what are the best easy methods to hack your goals and, how to have goals and, hacks for success and all these things. I also advise you guys to look into "The Law of Success" best book?
  I come from an IT background, earlier but I got trained in direct sales marketing. So there is something called the 5-steps and, there's also something called the law of averages and all these other things like sales technique, what we imply on a daily basis. One step right now, which we all know as a ' law of attraction.' It's all about the power of manifesting your reality. You need to have the law of attraction. 
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