Karthik Narayanan

Noise & Love

May 30, 2021 Karthik Narayanan
Karthik Narayanan
Noise & Love
Show Notes

I knew this word as a sound that causes disturbance. Like vehicles honking, baby crying, table bang, loud talk, etc.

But when I go for my walks & sometimes introspecting; the birds chirping, trees howling with heavy winds, the sweet tring of the bicycle, the laughter therapy sessions, kids’ hoo-ha, the thump of the ball hitting the ground, etc. is no more noise. It in fact only adds up to the positive imagination & visualization.

But this idea was short lived.

I recollect a conversation where a friend didn’t want to divulge into more information on probing.

Upon asking ‘what’s going on in your mind?’ I distinctly recollect, he said, “Very less relevant stuff. Rest all is just noise”

Wow! He made use of this word in a very unique way, I felt.
Many of us go through endless thoughts. However how many of us are able to identify the ‘noise’ in them?

The reality is that 90% of the time our thinking is just based on assumptions, stories we cook in our heads, over analysis of a situation, person, place, etc.

Decision making is not, in reality, a regular task. It actually takes place only when we are invariably choosing confusion over clarity. It is an art that requires focus, exposure and precision.

It is about the noise control.

Who doesn't know about this word? For some, it is beautiful and yet for some, painful.
According to me, love never breeds negativity. Love is not an emotion; it is actually a value system. Think about it.
Love doesn't hurt. Loneliness hurts, rejection hurts, losing someone hurts, people hurt & their exposure to love does. We confuse these feelings to love.
When we feel we have fallen in 'love' with someone, it is in actuality not the person or his/her attributes, but our connection to them. Our interrelatedness, links & associations, conversations that attracts bonding, leads from one thing to another. Even if that means it is the opposite!
Our minds do not register characters / people by their names but our own feelings, reactions & responses to them. Hence, we usually remember & feel pulled by people who invariably made us love ourselves in their company.
People don’t really love anyone but themselves. What they are aiming to do is ‘part’ or ‘share’ a major chunk of their self-love with someone else thereby letting them realize that they ‘mean’ a lot more than others. That they are ‘special’
Love is usually ingrained. We are born with it. Love covers up the pain. Love doesn’t hurt; it heals.