Karthik Narayanan

How To Choose A Right Life Partner

July 10, 2021 Karthik Narayanan
Karthik Narayanan
How To Choose A Right Life Partner
Show Notes

Relationships. What is your understanding of relationships and what they entail?

No relationship was ever said to be easy. No relationship should feel forced, but when things get complicated, you will naturally feel willing to make it work and put in the effort required to fight through whatever comes your way when the person is right for you.

No one ever said that finding ‘the one’ would be a walk in the park. It’s hard work! However, you can choose the relationship that will lead to growth within yourself and your love for one another.

Many of us in our younger years may have found it challenging to find those partners who are on the same level as ourselves. Sometimes, we are looking for different things at different times.

Perhaps, we may begin by searching for physical compatibility to start with? Maybe we want to start out with a friendship and see where things will lead to?

To begin on any topic related to making a relationship successful brings us back to the term trust. Trust forms the basis of any relationship.

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Choosing the Right Life Partner – Kartik Narayanan