Resourced Human

#5: Robbie Schaefer - Music, purpose and using art to reconcile family trauma

June 08, 2021 Michael Danzansky
Resourced Human
#5: Robbie Schaefer - Music, purpose and using art to reconcile family trauma
Show Notes

Robbie Schaefer is a musician, songwriter, philanthropist and playwright devoted to service through the arts.     

I have known Robbie for many years and he is impressive on so many levels as a human being. 

What I was most curious about with Robbie was his latest piece of work: in 2017, he premiered the musical  Light Years  at award winning Signature Theatre.    The musical is a piece of alchemy unto itself, Robbie's bold and courageous biographical unpacking and transformation of his own relationship with his now deceased father.

I believe that almost every one of us human beings carry some sort of unreconciled dynamic with our parents and possibly generations before.   Most of the times it is not fully conscious because it feels too painful to face.   It takes an act of courage (and sometimes desperation) to call it forth and work with it.  And to me, an even bigger act of courage to turn it into a work of public art for all to see.  Which is what Robbie did.

I hope you enjoy this talk we had.  I know I did.
Robbie Schaefer is the guitarist and songwriter for the indie folk band Eddie From Ohio (winners of 7 Wammie Awards; over 150,000 cd’s sold) and has released several solo albums, including his most recent, 2017′s Sounds Like Home: Songs From the Musical, Light Years.

As a solo performer Robbie has shared the stage with Sara Bareilles, Jason Mraz, Josh Groban, Michael McDonald, Keb’ Mo and Emmylou Harris, among others. His performances–intimate, witty and soulful—are little adventures, says writer/artist Jen Lemen . . .

“ . . . Robbie Schaefer lives, loves, creates music and holds space for anyone who’s up for suspending time so we can actually remember what it feels like to be human again. Aliveness is his jam and he helps us find our way by being a regular guy saying the most honest, real thing, whether it’s in a song or an insight that’s just come to him in a flash . . . ”

In 2011, Robbie founded OneVoice, an international non-profit devoted to uniting and empowering youth through music and the creative arts. The organization has completed and on-going projects in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Nicaragua, India, and Pikpa refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece.

He served as on-air host and Music Director at Sirius XM Satellite Radio’s Kids Place Live from 2007-2012, and in 2010 was awarded the New York Festival’s United Nations Award for programming. He has presented TEDx Youth talks in Boulogne-Billancourt (Paris), France in both 2012 and 2016.