Resourced Human

#7: Peter Scanlan - Discovering Our Deepest Gifts (using nature as a guide)

July 19, 2021 Michael Danzansky Season 1 Episode 7
Resourced Human
#7: Peter Scanlan - Discovering Our Deepest Gifts (using nature as a guide)
Show Notes

I have so much respect for Peter, and he is another one of those who I would call a true elder.   

Outline of the podcast:
@3 mins- Institutional Religion vs. Being a Priest of Mystery
17 -idea of ascention to spirit vs. descent into soul
23:45 -Soul Work
32:30 - Working with Core Wounds & (murderous) childhood rage
39 - Fight Club pathology
44 - Trump and legistlating memory in school, fear of letting children have emotions
52 - Universality of wounding
56 - Therapy vs. guidework
103:30 - Importance of Ancestor work

A former Catholic Priest who left the order to practice psychotherapy, Peter has been of service to the world as a therapist and guide for over 30 years.    Just pause for a moment and reflect on what wisdom 1/2 a century of experience can bring.  Its pretty incredible to me.

At age 50, Peter took a risk and went on a Vision Quest with Animus Institute, and it forever changed the tragectory of his life.    As he mentions on this podcast (which I hope I am accurately capturing), his work in nature helped him to finally see, understand and work with his own wounding and patterns, which had remained hidden despite all of his training and work in therapy.    So impactful was this work that he studied and became a wilderness guide and interwove the work into his therapy and coaching practice.

He is still serving as a mentor, guide and priest to helping people find deeper connection to themselves, their gifts and their truth.