Watched It in the '80s

Watched It in the '80s Episode 22 "Road House"

March 06, 2022 Damian Vitale Season 1 Episode 22
Watched It in the '80s
Watched It in the '80s Episode 22 "Road House"
Show Notes

Welcome to the "Double Deuce". Episode double deuce that is. In this one, my friend Tom and I talk about that guilty pleasure/cult classic/really good/really bad movie "Road House". It was released May 19 1989 and featured Patrick Swayze, Ben Gazzara, Sam Elliot and Kelly Lynch.
It was directed by Rowdy Herrington and written by R. Lance Hill and Hilary Henkin.

As usual, when covering R rated films, sometimes our language drifts that way especially in quotes. So like I don't recommend Road House for 17 and under, I don't recommend this episode of our podcast for young ears. But adults and fans of the movie, hope you enjoy us talking about it. It was a blast!

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