Watched It in the '80s

Watched It in the '80s Episode 12 "The Evil Dead"

October 21, 2021 Damian Vitale Season 1 Episode 12
Watched It in the '80s
Watched It in the '80s Episode 12 "The Evil Dead"
Show Notes

In Episode 12, Jayme and I will be covering "The Evil Dead" which was Sam Raimi's first full length feature film starring Bruce Campbell. It's campy, it's gory, it's  classic. This film is a low budget wonder that should be appreciated for the work of art that it is. Hope you enjoy our coverage!

And as I mention in the podcast, I am a guest on the Wilhelm podcast this week with Ben Beck, a fantastic podcast host. He invited me to talk Ghostbusters '84, Ghostbusters II '89, and Ghostbusters '16. All in preparation for Ghostbusters Afterlife coming out in a few short weeks
As promised, here is a link to his Facebook page. Please check out what else Ben has covered on Wilhelm.

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