Watched It in the '80s

Watched It in the '80s Episode 19 "Dune" 1984

January 22, 2022 Damian Vitale Season 1 Episode 19
Watched It in the '80s
Watched It in the '80s Episode 19 "Dune" 1984
Show Notes

Episode 19 of Watched It in the '80s podcast is the epic "Dune" from 1984 starring Kyle MacLachlan and based on the Frank Herbert novel. The amazing story about this movie is writer and director David Lynch disowned all edited versions of the film. Although being a box-office office flop, it has quite a cult following and I appreciate it for how close it was to the novel which I enjoyed very much.

New co-host, Amelie, and I had a wonderful time discussing this artistic, sci-fi, fantasy film of the '80s.

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