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Community Psychology with Dr. Jonathan Scaccia

April 29, 2022 Jonathan Scaccia Season 2 Episode 6
The Psychologists Podcast
Community Psychology with Dr. Jonathan Scaccia
Show Notes

Did you know it takes, on average, 17 years for ideas to get from scientific publication to actual real-world use? Dr. Jonathan Scaccia started out as one of those psychologists who sits in a chair and talks to people. Now he sits in a chair and thinks about how to bring science and experience closer together. Join us as we traverse the vast systems-level landscape of program evaluation and implementation science...and find out how evidence-based psychology practices and the iPhone aren't so different, after all.

Jonathan P. Scaccia, PhD is the Principal of the Dawn Chorus Group . He is a community psychologist and evaluator with 20+ years of experience working in community-based settings. His career began as a substance-abuse counselor in North Philadelphia. He has extensive experience helping organizations select, adapt, implement, and evaluate community-based improvement interventions. Dr. Scaccia also founded the research synthesis website PubTrawlr .

Honorable Mentions:
-Evolution of substance abuse treatment
-Carl Rogers
-program evaluation (is it working?)
-valuing science/EBTs/RCTs *and* lived experiences
-efficacy (lab) vs. effectiveness (real world)
-cultural adaptation vs. WEIRD-centric psychological science
-the sunk cost fallacy

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