I Need Blue
A Mother's Journey: Grief, Hope, and Advocacy after a Son's Tragedy
Episode Artwork A Mother's Journey: Grief, Hope, and Advocacy after a Son's Tragedy 36:27 Episode Artwork Olga - Unshaken: A Ukrainian Families Journey of Resilience Amidst War 32:05 Episode Artwork TJ: Penned Resilience, Crafting Healing Narratives from Life's Trials 28:41 Episode Artwork Josh: His Courageous Battle Against Percocet and Fentanyl 45:17 Episode Artwork Vital: Rising Beyond Childhood Wounds: Exploring Authenticity, Resilience, and Transformative Healing 44:48 Episode Artwork Experience Riveting Tales of Overcoming Adversity - Season 4 Trailer 2:06 Episode Artwork From Struggle to Song: Julie's Journey of Healing and Stepping into Her Calling 52:54 Episode Artwork Understanding the Far Reach of Childhood Trauma with Diana Bishop 47:00 Episode Artwork Stress, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue: Dr. Michele Finneran, Bonus Episode 35:18 Episode Artwork Purpose Born From Pain: John's Story of Transformation 43:02 Episode Artwork Unlocking Crime with Forensic Art: A Deep Dive with Lois Gibson 40:30 Episode Artwork Mark's Journey Through Losing His Wife to Breast Cancer, Brain Tumors, and Paralysis: Faith, Family, and Resilience 27:23 Episode Artwork Surviving Betrayal & Domestic Violence: Sha Sparks' Journey to Fearless Living 55:14 Episode Artwork Unveiling the Unspoken: When to Share Childhood Secrets 28:48 Episode Artwork A 9/11 Survivor's Journey: Uncovering the Profound Impact of Small Decisions with Charlie 43:49 Episode Artwork Surviving a Rapist While in Turkey: Jennifer's Healing Journey 1:04:59 Episode Artwork Healing and Forgiveness After Childhood Sexual Abuse: Julie Jacky, EFT Tapping and Healing the Wounds of the Past 39:40 Episode Artwork Healing from Sexual Assault & the Murder of Her Brother: Dharasena's Fight for Justice 40:42 Episode Artwork Trailer: Season 3 Navigating Life's Tapestry through I Need Blue 1:04 Episode Artwork Dr. Marianne Thomas Reveals Her Trafficking Story and How To Escape The Darkness 48:42 Episode Artwork Why Laughter is Key to Your Healing Journey: Ron Culberson 37:58 Episode Artwork A Powerful Voice Childhood Sexual Abuse and Trauma Survivors- Ann Marie Conklin 50:56 Episode Artwork Surviving a Stalker: My Chilling Encounter 18:07 Episode Artwork Healing and Honoring: Lauren's Journey as a Law Enforcement Officers Wife 45:34 Episode Artwork The Courage Found in Recovery: Randy Mortensen's Journey After Losing His Son 44:22