I Need Blue
S3 Ep 12 Healing and Honoring: Lauren's Journey as a Law Enforcement Officers Wife
S3 Ep 12 Healing and Honoring: Lauren's Journey as a Law Enforcement Officers Wife 45:34 S3 Ep 11 The Courage Found in Recovery: Randy Mortensen's Journey After Losing His Son 44:22 S3 Ep 10 Mel & James: A Heartbreaking Tale of Parental Alienation 39:57 S3 Ep 9 Melissa’s Story of Regaining Strength: Why He Didn't Kill Her 46:59 S3 Ep 8 Living with Passion: Dr. Diely's Journey as a Physician, Wife, Mother & Cancer Survivor 34:10 S3 Ep 6 Laura McCarthy: From Mess to Majestic - Addiction, Trauma, Recovery and Hope 46:49 S3 Ep 7 My Story of Surviving Dating Abuse - Jen Lee / Bonus Episode 1:02:26 S3 Ep 5 Christine B - Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, & Losing a Baby - How Music Helped Me Find Strength to Cope With Trauma 40:04 S3 Ep 4 Ari Schonbrun's 9/11 Story of Surviving Tower One: Miracles, Fate and Inspiration 47:16 S3 Ep 3 Jonathan: the heartbreaking irony of saving lives on the job, while struggling to save the one closest to him. 38:17 S3 Ep 2 From Ironman Competitor to Quadriplegia; A Family's Journey of Survival Through Love & Laughter 43:15 S3 Ep 1 Escaping the Cycle: E'ala's Journey to Empowerment After Surviving Domestic Violence 58:04 S2 Ep 27 Donna Bollinger - Drowning, Divorce, and Gratitude 48:56 S2 Ep 26 - Commander Vic DeSantis - The Dangers of Fentanyl 47:12 S2 Ep 25 - Debby Montgomery Johnson - Over $1 Million Dollars Lost, She Discusses the Emotional and Financial Impact of Romance Online Fraud 1:05:24 S2 EP 24 Taylor - Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse: A Survivor's Story 52:33 S2 Ep 23 Jasmin Peach - Former Australian Police Officer Dedicated To Breaking The Stigma 58:13 S2 Ep 22 Michele - The Survivor Who Stopped a School Sexual Predator 54:10 S2 EP 21 Shaping Your Life's Narrative, Barry Walton Accomplished Director and Emmy Winner 59:00 S2 EP 20 Michelle Dale - Gold Star Mom Lost Her Son, CPL. Dale J. Kridlo 49:22 S2 Ep 19 Pam escaped "Creepy Guy"/ Situational Awareness With Mike Dandridge 1:01:09 S2 EP18 Mary Survived Childhood Trauma, Becomes Guardian Ad Litem 51:12 S2 Ep17 Kristen's Story: A Cautionary Tale of Online Dating, Assault and Rape 52:07 S2 Ep 16 The Perils of Fentanyl: Suzy Lost Her Son 53:40 S2 Ep15 Stacy Webb - Former Australian Police Officer & Detective Talks Career & Intuitive Release Technique 44:57