Naked Talk with JESS

A Human Trafficking Survivor's Truth with Rich Love

June 22, 2021 Jessica Martin- Brassington Episode 44
Naked Talk with JESS
A Human Trafficking Survivor's Truth with Rich Love
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In this episode I am joined by my good friend Rich Lovee who is a Human Trafficking Survivor Leader Director at NoTrafficking Zone, Recording Artist, RBRW Show Host, Truth Speaker  and Child Of God 🙌🏽

Today we cover all topics from human trafficking and politics to racism and religion.

Rich Love has done some phenomenal work with No Trafficking Zone (NTZ) where she played an important role in getting the  NO TRAFFICKING ZONE Bill SB1831 passed at every level (senate, house, criminal, commitee etc.) 

SB1831 exponentially raises the penalties for texting, calling, trespassing and stepping within 1000 feet around the perimeter with intent for the crime of human trafficking and exploitation.

SB1831 will help prevent students at school, sports stadiums, UIL Events and learning facilities from being trafficked. It will allow our children to go to school in peace, but give traffickers and groomers a literal message and signage that says, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, this is a NO TRAFFICKING ZONE

Kids should be able to learn in peace, and I KNOW this will help prevent kids from being Trafficked out of their school, like me and countless other youth has been.

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Welcome to naked talk with Jess. I have one of my  dear friends, rich love here today. I'm so excited about this because one, I think you're amazing. And two, you have really taken a very similar approach and just being yourself, being authentic. I want to thank you for that, because it honestly encourages me to do more of the same.

Welcome to the show. Rich love. How are you doing today? 

I'm so great. I'm so excited to be here because I look up to you and I admire you so much. I know that you've had naked talk with Jess before, and I just wanted to go on there, but honestly, I think now is the time that I'm really ready to truly have like a negative talk where it's just raw and totally authentic.

I am so glad about that.  We met in Houston at kind of a blogger type event and I knew right away, I was just drawn to you. You're just one of those people for me that I said, okay,   I want to know you more.  I left that meeting  and I just thought, I'm not going to let this person just be one of those people I meet.

And so we have, we've seen level. Yeah. And you'll get those, especially in the content creator world. But it's those relationships. And I knew  you're not going to be one of those people that we just like each other on social media.

And so even though we didn't see each other in person, especially through 2020  our relationship grew.  so thank you so much for being here.  for those who don't know you, can you just share a little bit about yourself? And what you do and what you're up to that is such a loaded question because I do so many things and I'm not, I'm just going to be honest.

I'm not the best at being  a good speaker for myself.  If someone was to ask me about you, I'd be like, oh, she's phenomenal. And she does this. But just to sum it up, I do a lot of content creation. I started out with blogging and then I began sharing my story as a human trafficking survivor.

 now I am a human trafficking survivor leader director.  I moved into music, kind of turning my pain into purpose and speaking about how God transformed my life. Because I think that that's something that a lot of survivors need to see is even though you were somewhere else, God has such bigger plans for you.

And when you go into most facilities, you know, I went through foster care. I went through them. The judicial system. And there's not a lot of hope when you're in there.  Especially the girls that truly were foster kids where their parents were not involved at all. I really got an inside look into what we're doing out here.

That's not helping our other girls. So that's why I just said the first time I told my story, I told everything. And once it was out, I was just relieved because I lived in so much shame for so long. I had a radio show called the testimony and I would have people come on and share their story, but no one knew mine because I was so ashamed.

And now just to walk in my truth now I also do a show with my team at real BD row women. And we are very candid and I think that's why people like our show, it streams Mondays on Facebook. And we just talk about everything from hot topic, from religion to politics.  We really just keep it real because there's not a lot of that.

A lot of people are very politically correct and we are not afraid and that's rare now.  I'm on social media. You can find me at rich love society on all streaming platforms and my music is out and I speak in schools and rehabs, and it's really interesting.  Just a little sidebar. I didn't realize I was trafficked until I was over 30 years old.

 I was on missing posters. I was a runaway I just was labeled a bad kid. But no one took the time. Although my parents were involved in my life, no one took the time to ask why isn't she in school? I was trafficked out of my school for part of it out of my high school. 

I really believed I wanted to do those things, but I was so brainwashed. And when I got older, I was speaking in a rehabilitation center and I was hearing the other women's stories. And my story, I'm thinking, you know, I'm sober nine years from crack cocaine and shooting meth in my arms. And I lived a really rough life.

And I'm thinking that's the full facet of my testimony. And I started hearing these other women talk about, you know, pimps and selling their bodies. And I was like, wow. It just clicked to me one day after hearing all these different human trafficking survivors stories, I was like, that happened to me. So there's so much education that's needed.

 And a lot of times, a lot of survivors don't want to identify as a victim. We don't, it's hard to be vulnerable because you've had to be strong for so long. So I'm so thankful that you're opening your platform to really raise a flag to say, you know, we need to talk about this. It's not just kids in the foster care system.

It's not just kids living on section eight or  without parental guidance. I had both of my parents, we lived in a two-story home. Both parents had good jobs. I'm not the story of the kid that no one was involved. It can happen to anyone. And I think people are really need to realize that.

 I think that's a really good point that you brought up because what we would need to do is make it  I don't know if this is the correct term,  socialize it. Meaning it's something you can talk about at the dinner table, or you can talk about when you're out versus something that Ooh, that we don't talk about it.

 My podcast began through talking about things that people weren't talking about out of fear, shame, or guilt. And that could be, you know, any topic because when we feel so isolated and we don't talk about it, then how can it lead to change? And actually when we met and I did want to say, thank you so much for one trusting me and opening up to me.

 You had shared about some things that, you know, you might not have shared about a lot of people. And I took that to heart and I kept that to myself, but I love seeing that you have started sharing your testimony and just to hearyou say how freeing that has been for you really touches my heart because I remember meeting you and thinking, wow,

this person's going to be so powerful when you were ready to do that. Right.   What do you think looking back now from the time we met to now, or is there anything that you could say that this helped you kind of move forward with it? I know it's so many different things.

I honestly, that's a really great question.  Because a lot of times when you think of anyone that's gone through anything, not just human trafficking survivors, there's a lot of trauma and just life living lessons that everyone has gone through something.  And I think that you learn so much from those things.

And I think for me, people always ask me, do I regret what I go back? I wouldn't change anything even the most worst awful things, because it really made me who I am. And I think for me, A lot of it was the shame. It was the shame it was , being judged.  I used to be very judgmental. I used to sell drugs and I used to sell crack cocaine.

And I used to judge them, I think that sometimes God allows you to go through things so that you can have humility. I can't tell you how many people will reach out to me.  I know some of the deepest, darkest secrets about people that you may see online that no one would ever know.

And that's a gift that God has given me to where people know like this girl is genuine. This girl has been there. She understands. And I truly just want to help people. It's not for the step and repeats. It's not for the media. So many things that nobody knows about, and that is, that is a God-given gift.

But I think what made me start sharing, because I shared my story and I think 2018 or 27, 20 18 is the first time I shared it. And I'm so thankful that I did, because I was the first time my mom heard my testimony. Like she knew things. Of course I was on missing posters. Like she knew I was going through things, but she didn't know the extent of the trauma that I was dealing with growing up.

And I think what really liberated me to finally share, because I kind of felt like a fraud. I felt like here I am, I'm talking to these young girls and they're looking up to me. People say, oh, you're so inspiring, but I didn't believe it. I didn't feel it.  I just always felt growing up. I was never good enough.

And that's something that I don't think a lot of parents realize the trauma  and, the things that we take into adulthood and it really did carry into adulthood from bulemia from, um, mental issues.  When I got sober , in 2011, I wasn't praying to God. I wasn't saying, oh, save me, deliver me.

It was, that was my lifestyle. And October 4th, 2011, I woke up completely clean from crack meth cigarettes, alcohol caffeine, like it was literally someone just took a switch and turned it all off and that's great. But within that, I had a nervous breakdown. I developed claustrophobia, I developed a Gora phobia where I was afraid to leave my home.

 I basically developed all these phobias and traumas, through PTSD for all the things that I should have felt whenever I was, you know, getting kidnapped and abducted or when I was getting into cars with strangers. Right. Um, raped and molested. I was gang raped. So, you know, when you're just in survival mode, I never took the time to say, whoa, that was really traumatic.

Like, you know, take a chill for a minute and kind of deal with that. It was just, no, you gotta keep living. You gotta keep going. You can't stop. And I think going through all those things, I really had to lean on God because I was afraid to take medication. So I didn't travel for about seven years. I couldn't get into elevators.

I was working on the 15th floor of a engineering firm. No one could understand why I kept taking the stairs all the time. I was afraid of everything. I went from being completely fearless. And I think for me, just leaning on God was huge. And I know that that's not everyone's forte, but that's what worked for me.

But I think to your question, when you ask what made me begin to be more authentic and really just share, last year I lost my mum. Totally unexpected. She was not sickly. She was 60 years old. Beautiful. My best friend, like my whole world, I sometimes ask like, how are you still living without her? I only God.

And so I think kind of going through that and dealing with past traumas that I had forgotten about, it's almost like when you face your biggest fear. I remember times she would say, you know, whenever I'm gone or, you know, I'm not going to be here forever. I did not want to hear it. I would literally be like, mom stop.

And when that happened is so sudden, you know, if someone has cancer, they're sickly, you have time to kind of say, well, maybe they are, they're not going to be here. I literally got a phone call and she was just gone. And, with her not being here, I think facing that biggest fear, it's almost as if there's nothing in this world that I'm afraid of.

There's nothing holding me back. There's no one that I feel, you know, well, I can't share this. I could feel in my spirit that my mom. Not being here, although I wish she was here. It has really allowed me to just say, life is so precious. And a little bit of time that I have here. I'm going to be exactly who I am, because you have to think the feelings and the emotions and the dreams and goals that we have internally, they came from somewhere.

It's not up to society to say, you need to feel this way. Don't say this, or say that if God is pushing something on you and you just can't let it go and you dream about it, you think about it. And you just, even if you're not living up to your fullest potential, it's something within you that you just can't get rid of.

You need to move on that in God's timing when you feel ready, like not everyone's meant to share their story. I think that's one thing that a lot of survivors kind of miss is, you know, you went through that for a purpose. You need to help everyone, not everyone's ready to share their story, but I know that whatever God has for our lives.

I'm not when I take my last breath, I don't want to take anything with me. I want it all to be here. That's right. That's right. At any share about losing your mom?  I lost my dad when I was 18. And looking back, I see that a lot of that shaped what happened after that and just different things in my childhood of death and trauma and a lot of stuff I have never shared.

 But some things like you said, we're not meant to share. And then losing my brother to combat PTSD suicide that really showed me, Hey, listen, I've been through some shit, you know?  Some stuff that I, if I told people, they would never think I  been through.   At the end of the day, it's like, you can't come at me at me with all that .

I'm not afraid because I know who I am and who's, I am. Exactly. I know we're on go. You better preach.  And then you start really putting things in perspective because you can easily say, well, what if this, or what if that .

I even said this the other day on my Instagram, you know, God had put it on my heart to  ask people if I could pray for them. And immediately, you know , well, who are you to say that? Or, Ooh, what about this?  And when we go to make an impact and share.

The enemy will use those things against us. Or I thought, what if people found out this about me, you know,  and then I started saying, you know what, well, what if they did, you know, we're not supposed to be perfect.  That's God's job, you know, that's Jesus's job to come in and say, but we can, we can speak up.

We can share when it's our time.  And I think that's so much of, what's held people back for so long. And I just said, you know what, God, this year I'm praying be bold and it's not easy. You and I have shared, you know, in personal messages, like, Hey, if you take a stand for anything, right, it doesn't matter which side you're going to get kicked back.

 You're gonna get something from it. Like you, we're not here to please everyone. And I said, wait a minute, who am I trying to please? Because God's the only person I need. The only thing I need to be concerned about. And so I started getting more bold 

 For you, it's  your show your music. You're not meant to be a certain way. And those people that  you are meant for, they'll be there and they'll listen, more fully because you're really being yourself.

So I just wanted to share that doesn't matter who you are or what you're doing. Those things will come to your mind, but God put that in your heart for a reason.  Just share. So recently I had a revelation, that first thing want to say is if you are not yourself and you continue, and this is me speaking to myself recently, when you're trying to please everyone, where does that leave?

You? Because you're never going to please everyone. It's hard enough to please ourself and what we want to do for ourselves, because we all have all these big dreams and goals, but you lose yourself. And I really felt like I was getting to the point where I was paralyzed because  I'm on all these different platforms and I would speak and I'd be so in my head because I'd be like, well, no, you can't say this.

You can't say that they're going to judge you. They're going to unfollow you. They're not going to like you. And I just say, so what, because the people, like you said that are for you will be for you. And I know that there are a lot of stigmas and a lot of things going on right now where I think that someone like me could be someone to bridge the gap because there's a lot of name calling.

There's a lot of finger pointing and I'm not on any of that. I'm just. What are the facts? What is reality? Put my opinions aside and what I think. And that's, I think truth will always shine through. And if you're being true, even if society doesn't agree with you, you will always be right.  And that's just where I stand.

And the revelation that I had is, although we're not perfect, you will always be perfectly you, even when you mess up, even when it's not the way that you wanted it, as long as you're being you, you're perfect perfectly you. Yeah. You shared that you're a survivor, but you do eight ton of work and we couldn't even begin to scratch the surface with what you do.

And just like you shared, you probably do stuff I don't know about.  

And honestly,  when we're so busy doing, I don't have time to even tell you all this stuff, because I'm doing it for, there's no words here, motive, I'm doing it because it's the right thing to do.  I've been so blessed and God has brought me out of so many things. I want more people to experience life and experience it more abundantly and have that hope that only God and Jesus can provide, because let me tell you something, there's so many people that are hurt and they're lost and they're confused.

And so we want to shine that light. 


  As Christians we are called, not to judge and to go back to the word, not just our feelings and not to say, well, you don't look like a Christian or, you know, well, who am I to say. And that's one thing I really want to encourage Christians with the things that are going on in the world today.

I'm not being politically correct. I'm saying that speaking the truth in love and without fear. And also asking yourself, what do I believe? Okay. And why do I believe it? Because  we're exposed to so many things growing up did, did some that I go to someone's church and some random person there said something and now it's taken root in my life.

And was it based on the word of God?  Or is it something that's maybe because of the culture I live in. So I think taking that, not just things spiritually, but everything in our life. What do we believe? And. Is it because we saw something on Facebook or Instagram because of our upbringing and how we were raised because of how, what our parents thought, you know, so really those critical thinking skills.

 That's what we're missing so much of today. Think for yourself, don't think like us, you don't have to agree .  I'm sure you and I maybe disagree on a lot of things.  But we have that in common that I want you to think for yourself and we're missing those critical thinking skills.

 So when we're faced with these different issues, we don't know why we think what we think. So, yeah. Can you speak a little bit to that or what you've seen, I guess on social media,

here we are. Here we go. Break it down. I think that people need to be exactly who they are. I think that people, You're now, like we've said, you're never going to please everyone. And I think with me being in media so heavily, I can see where the narrative is going to be spun. I can see a story and I can say, I know exactly how they're going to spin this for their narrative.

And there are so many organizations. And if we're just sticking on media, the mainstream media, there are a lot of people that don't realize what's happening. They don't realize that there's a lot of, yeah, biases. There's a lot of hidden agendas.  Politically religiously, and the things that are happening right now are so blatant.

You know, people think that this is all new, but it's slowly been happening little by little and no one is standing up to say anything about it. And it's almost like we have. A whole half of the country. That's afraid to say anything because they don't want to lose their job. They don't want to have family members not associate with them.

 Whenever some of my family members found out how I voted in 2016, they stopped talking to me , when they moved across country, I never heard from them again. And when my mom passed, they didn't even call to tell us.  And this is someone that's very close to my mom that really should have been more compassionate.

 Whenever you see that when you see how people literally can love you one day and hate you the next, for one reason, I don't see any difference from, political discrimination than, racial discrimination and racism. Because how was it that one day we're great. And then the next day, you know, you don't.

 I think that that is totally ignorant.  And there are a lot of injustices and I think that, you know, I'm against it for everyone. And I think one thing that I've been talking about recently is how it's almost trendy to, be against white people or just to say, that all white people are all conservatives are domestic terrorists, really.

 There's black conservatives are suspended conservatives, just the way that things have been spun. And the hypocrisy is just, it's really sad. And it's a little sickening to the point where I don't watch that much media because when you know the truth, like even if I don't agree with it, let me know the truth.

Don't try and filter through and say, well, no, we don't want the people to know this. We need to know the truth because there's people that are hurting. There's people that feel silenced. There's people that are afraid and don't really know what's going on. And one thing that I shared on my social media recently is, can I get political?

Oh yes. Okay. How, hunter Biden, his, you know, LA before the election even happened. They had the FBI had his laptop and they, they have plenty of stuff on there that they could have brought up. But of course the mainstream media suppresses those things. They have all the warnings on our social medias.

Don't share this. Don't say that don't be hesitant against the vaccine, all of these different things that they for their own agenda. But recently, there, it was found that he had text messages in his phone to his lawyer using the N word and kind of joking saying like, well, I only like you because you're black and this is stuff that's documentable proof, not conspiracy.

You know how many people did not. I even know that when I asked them, have you heard of this? So many people didn't even know,  I don't fault people for that, but I still think that people can not just trust what they're seeing on the mainstream media and take it fact, you need to go look into that.

There are things even from the left, from the Democrats, They post, they say things that even I'll go look, you know, there's stuff that the conservatives posts that I have to go look and I say, wait, that's not really true. If you really look into it. I think that media needs to get back to just sharing the truth.

It shouldn't be, I need this to paint the picture that I need. Oh, that doesn't fit the narrative. Let's we're not going to talk about that. And even most recently, I read Hecker from Fox 26. Went on when she was live to do the weather. She actually exposed Fox 26 with project Veritas that , they're trying to suppress the journalists.

And me being in media. Journalism is, is no longer here at this point. People are so afraid to speak up. Even if I don't agree with you, I will fight to the death of me for your right to speak. Just as loudly as mine. Yeah. All of the shadow banning and stuff that they're doing that is not American. You know, like, oh, I could go on and on well into that.

Yeah. Points. Um, you know, and like you said, it is almost a trending thing that if you're white, you're just inherently bad and you think a certain way. So what happens is if, if you are white, you're even less likely to speak up because you're automatically shut down. Even if you're saying something that you're agreeing with the majority, it's like, it doesn't count, or it can be the opposite.

Right? Well, I'm white. So I'm going to feel like I need to say this or that.     But so many , it's all, it's all planned and that's the sad part.

It's expensive. But at the same time, people that I thought once they realized where, how I leaned that I thought would be like, oh my God, I'm I don't like you anymore. They want to know more because there are so many things that they didn't know. And I think one good example when people say, you know, bill Mayer just came out and said that because ludicrous came out and said that black, white privilege is at an all time high.

And bill Mayer was like, really like when they were lynching people, when the KKK was running rapid, like it, this is the same thing as all those things before now, it might be more hidden now.  But that, that victim hood mentality, I don't subscribe to that. , I know, um, just to be sure. Candid. It is different being black in America, but it's also different being white in America.

Everyone is gonna face some type of, , prejudice, wherever you go in the world. I can't just say that just because I'm black, my life was so hard and it's so rough. No, it is different. I have been stopped and pulled over for no reason. I haven't taken a jail for no reason.  But I'm sure that there's other races that have dealt with that too.

But I think that the media that's helping what they're trying to push right now. So that's where all the focus is , it's just crazy.  It really is.  What happens is when we're like, oh, I don't want to say anything and offend you.

You're not going to get the real me. And I don't feel that with you. I feel like, you know, my heart.  What I've noticed lately is it does seem to me  more black men are speaking up  and they can reach someone that maybe I couldn't.

 They're saying , don't tell me what I need to think. Don't tell me what I need to feel, because it's so crazy. That they're doing the very thing that they're saying there again, there's a lot of intolerance and there's a lot of people that don't want to listen.

They want to watch their same news outlets. They don't want to see the other opinions. Like if you look back in, in the past, When the KKK was running rampant, the black people were reading the pamphlets. They were wanting to know what the KKK was. Actually. You know, if you want to fight a war, you want to actually have a chance at something you want to know what you're up against.

Like even boxers spent hours looking at their, their future opponents, trying to see their moves and kinda know, oh, well their left hook sucks. So let me come with a job. Or, you know, you have to know what you're up against. And I think a lot of people stick to what they know, and they are literally like a horse.

When you put blinders on a horse, they only see forward. You can not live like that anymore because there are so many news outlets that are able to say whatever. And if you really go down the rabbit hole and look for the truth and not just trust what people are posting, you will find for yourself like, man, that was really kind of, that's not true, but people just accept what they accept.

And people that say that it's not trendy to be against Caucasian people right now. What about people that Karen has now become a derogatory term? I think that that's racist. I mean, I don't think that every white person or just the white people that are standing up and saying things like there are people that are racist.

Okay. That's we can't deny that, but just, I have friends that literally call white people Karens. What, if someone was to see me and be like, oh, look at Shanae over there. How can you say that? You're all about love and equality, but you're not doing it like it because it's trendy.

That's okay. No, one's sticking up for them. And  I'm not for that. And I think with most of what I do with human trafficking and speaking out, I felt like a fraud because you know, I'm kinda tiptoeing, I'll say like little things, but I won't just be outright. And I'm like, whoever's for you is going to be for you.

And if I know that in my heart, I just feel like I'm not being authentic. And it, like I said, it was paralyzing me. I'm I'm going to talk, I'm going to speak up if you don't like it unfollow, if you don't like it, turn off the TV because baby, you are going to see me and you are going to hear me.  And I'm going to speak up for whoever God puts in my heart that I should, and the oppressed, the people that  on every side of the board, any race, if you're being oppressed, I'm going to speak up for you.

I don't care who you are and that's the way that people should be. That should not be something that's. Oh, I'm so proud of you. Thank you for speaking up how many people were in my inbox. Like I was afraid to say this and thank you so much for saying that they're silent because they know I'm not going to tell, but at the same time yeah.

 I'm just starting to see there are so many people that are silent that just are afraid to say anything, 

like you should be able to say whatever you want. And, and that's something that just going back to the trafficking, same kind of thing like, Ooh, I kinda know what it is, but I don't want to know. Cause one now I'm responsible for, do I do something about it or not, right. Or two it's so much easier just to keep going on with my day.

 I don't want to know that that exists that's happening with so many other things, just like I've been sharing lately about communism and you'll start seeing things and things will start clicking together.

And  if you really stopped taking things at face value and you look into whether it's an organization or a company, okay, well, who owns that? Okay, well, what ties do they have? What special interests do they have? Do their homework, do your homework. It all starts coming together. And I can't unsee what I've seen and I can't unlearn what I've learned.

So that's left me in a situation where I said, okay, I know these things. I've seen these things now, what do I do about it?  I'm going to speak up. And that's one of the great things about America. And that brings me to another topic.

I'm just so tired of hearing all these people that hate America. You know, it's like talk to people that don't live in America. Let's talk to people that have lived under communism. It's almost taboo to post a flat. It's crazy. And I'm like, I'm from America. I am proud to be American. I love my country and nothing that anyone says will change my mind.

I don't care how corrupt the politicians are on both sides. No one is perfect. Okay. Like that's for sure. Anyone that thinks that one is better than the other more righteous is completely delusional, but I love my country. I love the opportunities that I have. If I work for them and choose to go for them, will it be a little bit different depending on where your upbringing, your race?

I mean, come on. We're humans, like people are going to be people, but you still have that opportunity . For me a huge factor is when you're in music or when you're doing the things that I'm doing, I'm thinking to myself, well, if I come and I say this, that people won't like this celebrity won't want to work with me.

This organization would want to work with me. And so then you find a lot of celebrities that do feel a certain way, but they won't talk about it because that's going to mess up their bag. They're trying to get all the money that they can. And I feel like when you're doing what you feel is right, God will always, you can't cancel someone like only God could cancel you.

 I think, especially with the human trafficking, you know, with no trafficking zone, we just had a bill passed, the no trafficking zone bill and I went and testified at the Capitol back in April, and that's passed. We're just waiting for governor Abbott to sign it and make it into law. So if you're within a thousand feet of the schools, the punishment goes up exponentially just for texting, calling abducting, picking up anything to do with human trafficking.

If you do that within a no trafficking zone, like you're done. And also the first no trafficking zone was at the NRG stadium. So this is going to be statewide. This is going to be at our schools, and this is. Truly going to make a difference, you know, because I was trafficked out of my school that kids should be able to go to school and learn and not have to focus on the kid in the classroom that might be grooming them because people it's not just the white vans with no windows picking up kids anymore.

Like literally if a person was a person was to come to your door, man, or woman, because I was initially groomed by a woman , and that's a big misconception, but if someone was to come to your door and say, Hey, I want to go in your room with your daughter or your son alone and just leave us in there and let me see.

30 minutes with them and they just showed up at your door doing so that you would probably knock them out. You'd be in jail, like if I'd be a murder case. But literally that's, what's happening now with social media, with Fortnite and all these games where people were playing with each other all around the world, you're allowing so many people contact with your child.

 And that's a huge thing that people need to be aware of. But I say all that to say that's one thing that's on my mind too, about speaking up, because I'm like the majority of what I do. I'm working with Democrats, I'm working with liberals and I love everyone. That's the difference? I don't feel like you're dumb.

I don't feel like you're ignorant if you're conservative or if you're living. You believe what you want to believe. Don't change for me. Don't, you know, don't try and be someone that you're not to fit in with me, just like I refuse to do that ever again, but I never wanted any of those things to stop my biggest purpose, which is stopping human trafficking.

And I mean, 90% of the people that I work with, I go to marches. I go to different events and I, if I agree with it, I'm down for it. If I don't agree with it, I'm not going to change my values. I don't care who you are. God is a part that those are the values that I want now. Am I perfect? Hell no, but I still am not getting changed.

Who I am to make anyone comfortable. If,  being who I am makes you uncomfortable, you just don't have to be uncomfortable. Yeah. And going back to the music. So that's something to that.

Like you said, everything is so blatant, you know, even say the Satanism, the state and shoes, Lil NAS X with his Montero song where he's stripping for the devil and . Yeah. I mean, back in the day it was subliminal, you know, and I've had an unprogrammed myself from stuff I learned growing up and I thought, wait a minute, that's not right.

  I grew up in a time when it was like, you know , notorious BI, G and Tupac . And as a kid, you don't

 Listen to the lyrics but now I have three girls and I'm listening to the lyrics. Like we said, Cardi B's wop And some of these other lyrics they're just straight up just telling you they're literally commercializing and desensitizing society too.

Um, sex work. Yes. And they're not even trying to hide it. Oh, they don't care. Kids don't realize that they don't know to do that, but we can see it there basically yeah. And they're not even trying to hide it.  Back to the music and the influence  on the children and where maybe you see that's  going, or what can we do about it? I think one of the biggest things that I want to kind of interject and what you were saying to anyone that is timid.

And I think if I had kids and I had a lot more things to lose in certain aspects, I probably, I don't know. I might be one of those people that wouldn't speak out. So I understand and. I think that there's a huge narrative being pushed that if you don't speak up you're weak or how could you just stand by?

Not everyone's meant to speak up so other people can help by donating to certain organizations or just supporting someone that is speaking up , send applause hands or something, messages to them on social media, just something, you know, don't always feel bad that you're not out in the forefront.

 That's first and foremost. And one thing that's helped me is to always know all things work together for our good.  That has been in my heart. You know, whenever you go through so many things, you have to realize like even with my mom passing away, that makes absolutely no sense to me.

But when you  you get to a breaking point where you say, God, I don't know why whether you're losing your home, you're losing your car, or your children are just out of control. Like, we don't always have the answers, but the one above does.  So that's just near and dear to my heart. And there's anything I can leave people with.

And as far as the music. Oh, man. I hope there's so many songs. Now that in, in the beats are so good. I know we turn up and then I hear some certain lyrics.

Like there's some songs, you know, telling you to kill yourself. I was like, hold up. Wait, did I just hear that on the radio on edited?  I think that the standard and even going way even further back, I remember my father telling me that back when he was a kid, there were, there was no Victoria's secrets.

There was no models walking in the laundry. Ray was on the mannequins. So look at how much things have changed. And I think that. You know, I'm all for women empowerment. And, , I used to really tip toe around this subject because , in what I do, it's all about women and setting us free and, and equality and all of that.

But,  I love that women are empowered their sexuality, their being free, but at the same time, it's,  really  Teeter tottering against , a lot of things that are not helping what I do.  Because when I have a kid that comes up to me and says that they want to be a stripper, like Cardi B, that's their goal in life, not to be.

Not to be a doctor, a lawyer. Now, some kids do have that, that drive and goal for them. , but to just see the standards of what society has become, like, I don't feel like I'm doing, I don't have any shame and some missing being submissive to my husband. And I think in society, it's almost like grow, you go get that bag.

You don't need no man. And it's like, okay, maybe you don't need a man. And that's fine. Like, if you don't want to have kids, you don't want to make you do you. And I really don't judge, but at the same time, it's almost like it's a fault that people find. And in music, even now, they're trying to ban the song catered to you from Destiny's child.

It goes, I want, let me cater to you. And it's talking about how like taking care of their man and how they love him so much. And they're saying like, oh, that's a slave song. They're being a slave to a man that's trafficking. Really because you want to cater to a man. That's good to you. Just because you, some women have been with horrible men and they're like, no, I'm not going to cater to that.

You don't need to cater to every man. Not every man is, has to be catered to. Okay. But if there's a good man in your life, I don't see how we need to backtrack and go cancel Destiny's child catered to you. It's like the wokeness is people are so woke that their sleep. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Like literally, and I think with music.

Music gets to your soul. It is not just, it's literally like everything. You listen to the people, like there's a saying birds of a feather flock together. The people that you're around, the people, you know, if you're listening to motivational  in your car like it really does change your mood.

It does change what you believe. If you're listening to, like, when I was doing drugs, my favorite rapper was Jeezy. He was all about selling drugs and being in the trap. And what was my life selling drugs being in the trap. Like it really does make a difference and music. 

  Me personally, I feel like adults should be able to do whatever the hell they want to do. I don't have to answer for that. I have so many friends of every sexuality, every race I love you.

And unless you did something to me, like if you did something to justify me not liking you, well, then I'm not going to like you for a good reason  and I think that's one of the biggest things that I advocate for is people just loving themselves, being who they are, because I have a friend that is,  he does drag and there's so much self hate.

There's so much misunderstandings in society. , They are judged. There's a lot more equality now, but I think if we just exercise in the space of love, I think that's what's most important. And now I say this to say there was a lot of controversy about the Nickelodeon, the drag queen, very famous drag queen that was singing to the children for pride month.

 I think there was two different videos. One was animated and one was the drag queen actually,  singing to the kids. But for me, I believe that well, when it comes to cartoons, if I had a kid and I stopped and down in front of Disney or Nickelodeon, now, if I sit them in front of cartoon network, I know I might need to sit there and make sure, but if I'm sitting my child down to Nickelodeon, I'm not necessarily thinking that they're going to start learning about non-binary and two moms and two dads.

I do believe that. Kids need to know these things. I think that when they go over to little Johnny's house and there, there are two fathers or two moms, I think that kids should know these things because these are other human beings. They have different lives. It may not look like yours, but they need to understand what they're seeing.

I think that that's the parents job. That's the parents, right? To have their child learn through them. Now, if the parent is too late on it and they get to 10, 11 years old and they find out from the streets and the school and social media, that's one thing. But I think now with the way, things are just being very exposed.

I do not agree with Nickelodeon posting that, without any warning to say, Hey, we're going to do this at this date or something to go across the screen like was a little, a little too much.  I do not agree with that as well as there was a first grade class that was learning about masturbation and the parents were completely outraged.

 Like I said, being a survivor of rape and all types of horrific sexual trauma kids do need to know these things. They need to know about their bodies, but the way that they were teaching, it was almost like you're making a kid curious to know, oh, it feels good to touch myself. Oh, well, maybe I should try that.

Like, there's an approach and parents should still be the end, all be all. Don't raise my kid for me, you know?  and going back to the fact of the Nickelodeon, but one of the things we're seeing today is if you were to say, like we did, no, that's not okay. Oh, are you against that? Or you don't love everyone.

I do love everyone. It's like, yes, we are on the record now. I love all of God's people, but I still believe that parents have the rights to their children. Now, there is a lot of society that, you know, we're going through a lot of stuff, depending on what just happened. 

I mean, sometimes something may slip through the cracks. I've heard about it quite a bit with kids that are talking to people that they shouldn't be in all things like that. But I still think that, um  it's a parent's right for their kid to learn certain things from them. And same with that video.

So of course, you know, people sent that to me because I, I started naked talk, like I said, talking about our bodies and sex and  even knowing all the body parts and everything, what they said in there were true. You know, the things they said instead of a Jina, they said Volvo, I'm like, wow, I'm first grade.

I don't even use that terminology.  So it's yes. But once again, not appropriate, don't show up, don't be coming at me like that talk show in my kids stuff.  And it makes you wonder what was the reasoning behind it?  What is the reason behind that on Nickelodeon showing little kids that but it's, it's difficult nowadays to say anything because of cancel.

Yeah. You'll be labeled, you'll be labeled, labeled me as being exactly who I am, who God called me to be. That's where you can live with me. Yes, that's right. You don't have to have a platform like us. You don't have to speak up that way, but you can speak up in your life and in your home, that's the way you can do that.

 Be aware of things, support people who are speaking. Businesses that support your values, whatever it is, it doesn't need to be like ours, but those are ways that you can show support, especially  today, how things are because we can't depend on other people to just do it for us or we can't depend well, 

oh, maybe the mainstream media will just learn and change. I don't think so. Not happening. Don't think so. What is something that you see this year?  In 2021, so we had 2020, right? It was, we survived, we survived and it was, it was 2020.

It was crazy. What do you see? Something this year? The remainder of  20, 21. That you're excited about whether that's in things that you do professionally  your music  or just in general, is there anything you can share that like you're excited about ?

 I think something that I'm excited about,  me personally, I am dropping my debut album this year.  And then I have an album release next month with the collaboration that I did with a group of ladies.

So that's gonna be phenomenal and I'll of course, keep you posted on all of that. I do have some things that I can't say, but just follow me on social media or society, but also what I'm excited for society. I'm excited for people to just start being free. I'm excited for people to realize that.

Freedom is our God-given. Right.  and I'm excited for people to not be ashamed and afraid to be exactly who they are. I may not agree with you, but be exactly who you are.  Everyone is individual. 

So I that's what I hope the society,  realizes and just a lot more acceptance, a lot more love. Um, a lot less judgment and just for a lot of things to be revealed. And I think after the year we had last year, I think a lot of adults showed their ass.  Because we were not on the same page for a lot of reasons and in a lot of ways.

And I think the media took that and took advantage of it and had a lot of people believing a lot of things that slowly and surely will be revealed. And there are a lot of people that are looking sideways, like, wow, I was believing one thing in the media was telling me something else. And I don't think people realize how much power the media has.

 I think that something, they need to get reigned in some kind of way, because it's really good. Out of control and it's very divisive, very divisive. And that's a lot of the, the plan, right? So get, get people divisive. And now we're over here looking at this other thing, we're constantly distracted and that's keeping us from doing what we were created to do or to work together and say, wait a minute, you know, this isn't true, this isn't truth, but we're so busy over here with, oh, it's the next distraction.

And if you look back, you can look back to the year and see when, when major truth maybe was going to be revealed. There's another distraction and people don't want to speak out against it because if they say certain things, then they're seen as a racist , perfect example is BLM.

Do black lives matter. Yes. Black lives matter.  But who has looked into BLM, are those people looking into looking into them and you know, and so not most people and Berlin looking into that. Yeah. They're looking into them and, and truth is being exposed, but, you know, and like you said, I'm the same way.

I'm not saying anyone's dumb or stupid. My heart's hurting for what's happening right now. And for,  people that don't know the truth but they know the people behind it. No, let's bring these,  people together because the people that believe black lives matter. Okay. They're going to rally behind this.

Well, now there's divisiveness. And so you see something like . Black lives matter. So I'm going to be behind that. You haven't done your homework though. , so when stuff starts coming up, it causes division, but the truth, the truth will be revealed.  but I just use that as. Just an example.

I just thought of there's many, but do your homework, if something doesn't feel right. Look into it. It's okay. To question things  it's okay to ask questions and stay curious.  Then you make your own decision. Totally agree with that. And I think when I, when I'm thinking from a Christianity standpoint, a lot of people are turned off to Christianity.

The word that I always hear the most is hypocritical Christian. And  there's so many people that have gone through a church situation or a family situation or people that try to use their faith as a weapon and weaponize it , and I think that , that's one area, but also I think that you brought up BLM and the founder just built  a huge gate around her home.

And people were saying like, oh, well I guess walls work. Don't they?  And I think like, I hear what people were saying, and I understand both sides, which is crazy. Like I am literally the most unbiased person. It's like, it's insane because I can understand from both sides, but the issue that I have is that people take it and they're so nasty about it.

Like the name calling, like who's going to want to hear your perspective, whatever side you're on. If you're being nasty, if you're like, oh, here called the go, the Trump call people or the, the liberal,  hypocrites or like whatever. Like when we go there,  one's going to listen to you. No, one's going to try and sit down and say, you know what?

I don't agree with you list, sit down and talk about this. Let's sit down and see, I want to understand, you know, I'm the kind of person, if I'm wrong, let me know. Don't let me walk around here, not knowing the truth. And that is what I hope to see with America is people saying, okay, that's not what I heard and I don't agree, but like, can you tell me the truth?

Like show me, show me the fact in black and white, what is true? Like I don't need to be lied to. And I think that was a huge factor with the vaccines I was seeing when it was all happening. Of course there was a lot of situations where CNN had the ticker counter, but then as soon as November or February happened, all of a sudden we didn't need to know other coronavirus numbers.

All of a sudden we needed it when we were all scared in our house, but not, but not after that. But I think that there's a lot of things that,  Society is just not that there's a lot of things that will be revealed a lot of things that will be revealed. And just like you said, that's why  I pray daily.

God, let me lead in love. You will not see sarcasm from me because you're right. , that's. It's a little hint here that they don't need to hear that right now. So I'm glad that you said that I like to get people to think there was a post that I just posted.

 I started a new page where I just talk about truth and it's called the rich love society. And I posted something where it talks about health and human services. How now they call mothers, birthing people, birthing person, instead of mom. And there's so many people that don't know that. So I just said, if you're a mother, are you a birthing person or a mom?

Like I asked a poll, like, I want to get people thinking. I'm not saying, oh, this is so wrong. This is so horrible. I know how I feel, but I just want for people to know what's happening because the media is not covering it. And what I was going to say about the vaccines , the problem that I have with that, and there's so many.

But the problem that I have is the lack of transparency about it. All the problem I have is whenever the vaccines first started, and yes, we do need to get back to normal. We do need , certain ways to get us feeling comfortable and background people in back to some sort of normalcy. But whenever it first happened, I remember that there was a nurse, a head nurse of a hospital that got the vaccine.

She did a press conference and she fell out and people were like, what was that? And there was one person that kept their camera on and caught all of the media, turning their cameras off, putting the cameras, facing the cameras the other direction. And when I saw that, I thought to myself, so you don't want us to know that this is a possibility, why is the media trying to suppress this?

I mean, of course, we're going to be hesitant about a vaccine that you made for a virus that we still don't even really know about yet. , so for me, it's like, okay, You think that they didn't know that Johnson and Johnson had blood clot possibilities and whenever they just came out with Madonna and Pfizer,  having , the, the quotation that they put in the, in the press conference or press release was more cases than expected of heart inflammation.

So you had an expectation for heart inflammation, but you're, you're putting warnings on our social media for the vaccines and for political things. And you have warnings on my Instagram page because I say vaccine or I post a needle, but you don't have a warning for the vaccine that we're about to put into our body for me.

How can I feel comfortable? Like, just tell us the truth. We're not little babies. Like if I know that there's a possibility of blood clots, me knowing my mom had a blood clot in her heart and she passed away and I have a history of that, I would say, okay, maybe I'm not gonna do Johnson and Johnson. Maybe let me look into Madonna and Pfizer.

But if you're not telling us anything, how do you not think that people are hesitant? Like really they're creating this. And letting you make that make your own decision,  is so important. People getting the vaccine. I want to make that very clear. I am not against vaccinating your children, vaccinated, vaccinating yourself, do your research.

And if you feel like you want to take that risk and vaccinate yourself, by all means, you do whatever you feel you need to do for your family. But as for me having the freedom and the choice, I'm not getting the vaccine,  until I get a lot more answers, there is one vaccine,  out of India, um, that I'm waiting, hopefully it gets FDA approval.

That's one. So just, I'm not going to go off into a tangent on that, but. The vaccine that, that has been provided as the MRI and a vaccine. So it does something with the proteins in our bodies. And this is something that has never been used on humans before. So they really don't know, okay, I know that we need a, an option and we need a way to get back to normal, but this is something that we really are just kind of like, we'll see what happens.

 The vaccine that I'm waiting for, or the vaccine that has been created from time from the beginning of time are inactivated viruses, where it gives you a little bit of actual virus, a dead virus, so that your body can fight it off with your immune system. That's what the flu vaccine, that's what the polio, that's what the measles all, that's the way it's always been.

I would rather take my chance with that. That has no cases of deaths  that. It's not talking about,  because of lobbyists and all these different reasons. And when you speak, like the way I'm speaking, people will say she's a conspiracy theorist.  You know, she's crazy. No, I do my research. I live for myself.

I let you do what you feel is best for you. I don't judge you. I don't care what you do with your body. It doesn't affect me.  But yeah, that's what I have to say about vaccines. Okay. They created the hesitancy in my opinion. Yes. And then also not just that,  just what you were saying, the warnings. So I, when I was at our condo in Florida and so I was there riding, and I just thought I'm going to write, I used to write poetry and stuff, and I said, I'm going to do that.

So I, I wrote a poem. And then I, did a video and I was reading. It never said vaccine never said any warning, any of these, I got a warrant and I thought, Ooh, AI's like kicking it up a lot. So, you know, I never said anything. It was about him. Well, because my background is holistic health and it was like, Hey, be your advocate.

You know, don't , you know,  I can post it again, but I thought, Ooh, yeah, that, that really showed me. Okay. Well, I don't really want the truth. It's a way of silencing people. And I feel like don't shame me because I have health issues or I don't want to take it. That is my choice. Just like I don't shame people that take it, stop trying to silence people and people see it happening.

But as long as their demographic or they were not being silenced, they're not going to say anything. They're just like, oh, I don't see that happening over there. It doesn't affect me. So I'm fine. Just like with trafficking, if your kid was getting traffic, you would be running up and down these streets going insane, trying to do something to find your kid to help fight this.

But until you're affected, you have the luxury of turning a blind eye. Yep. No, you're right . And, and that's what I am for as well, thinking for yourself and also for all voices, but don't silence the ones that don't meet your agenda.  This has been so good. You're going to have to be on again.

  Let us know how we can find you. I'm going to put links in the show notes  how to reach you and your music and everything. I can't wait until that's out. So what's the quickest way  they can connect with you and all your good stuff.

Social media platform from, from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, anything is rich loves society.  Then where I'm starting to be often. Authentic and speak the truth that is on Instagram, at the rich low society, rich life society. Well, thank you so much.  And I just want to tell you, I have never shared these things publicly.

These are always the conversations that I've had with other people that are willing to listen. Like I don't try and push things on people, but a lot of people come to me and they want to talk about it. And, and I'm very transparent in real life, but publicly I have never spoken about these things, but God put it on my heart to just step out on faith, because I know I'm not the only person thinking these things.

I know I'm not the only person that feels silenced. , and I,  refuse to allow, you know, it's one thing to say, like, I don't agree with you but it's one thing to bash people. Like, that's why I say, like you said, With love. And just because I don't agree with you, it doesn't mean that I don't love you.

 I know that I'm going to get some backlash for the things that I've said today. And you know what? I know that God is in control. I never be concerned about what society thinks about me. I care more about what God and I think about me. I felt so honored that you shared that here.  This is the first time I've shared actually on my podcast about a lot of the things we share today.  God is moving and I shared this with you last year, he's moving and he's moving quickly.  So I'm really excited about, I'm excited for people that hear your show.

And can fill your heart. You're so genuine. What you see is what you get, like your energy is so pure and you're going to help so many people by being exactly who you are. So I'm really excited for you. Thank you so much. And I wore my shirt. You can't see if you can't go to our YouTube. It says they love, this is an honor of my rich luck.

 And yes, you you've had my heart since I met you. And  I'm just so blessed for our friendship and thank you for coming on and y'all be sure to subscribe. So you find out whenthe next episode is out and hopefully we'll have you back on soon.

Of course, naked talk with Jess. All right, bye.