With All Due Respect....

With All Due Respect Episode 47

January 04, 2022 Andrew Halcro
With All Due Respect....
With All Due Respect Episode 47
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Van and Andrew look back on 2021 local politics with our first ever clip show. 

·      Closing comments

We haven’t really even scratched the surface

…so much more to cover
 This is how the future looks like

…extremist taking over city government

…meanwhile hard to find any accomplishments the first six months
 …his end of the year video was a compilation of wishful thinking 
 …and projects others began
 …between now and April expect the tension to rise between Bronson and the assembly
 …just remember the arc of this administration

The arc of the Bronson administration from May to December:

·      He got elected

·      His staff appointments were political stooges

·      His homeless shelter proposal was a fiasco

·      His political appointments were partisan cartoon characters

·      He stirred up the worst of the worst Anchorage has to during Covid

·      He fought with everyone from hospitals to the NAACP

·      He unilaterally allowed for both public access and public water to be compromised

·      His meddling in the police force has forced the police chief to resign and decimated morale

·      His constant fighting with the assembly to create friction ahead of next April’s election

And he closed out the year trying to politicize the clerk’s position

Next week we will be back with our look at 2021 in state politics
 Closing music…