Designed for Success Podcast

A Charge to my Fellow Country Men

June 13, 2022 Stephen Adetolu Episode 28
Designed for Success Podcast
A Charge to my Fellow Country Men
Show Notes

Welcome to Designed for Success Podcast. On this occasion of Nigeria's 23rd year of uninterrupted democracy, I want to seize the ocassion to charge my fellow country men to believe in the possibility of a great future for Nigeria.

While a lot of people may not feel excited about the occasion, I want you to look at things differently. As a firm believer in God's ability to turn things around for the better, I am convinced that a BETTER and GREATER FUTURE AWAITS US!

Pray, Believe and Expect great things for our Nigeria.

I want you to know that, you are a Nigerian for a reason, why don't you look inwards and unleash your potential for the growth and advancement of Nigeria,

Let's us take up the responsibility to create the future that we deserve.

This episode is a charge to wake up the giant within you and contribute to the GREATNESS that awaits us as a nation.

Rome was not built in a day, it will take our collective effort to build the future that we want for us and our children yet unborn. 

Let our diversity be the vehicle for growth and advancement.
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Stephen Adetolu

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