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8 Qualities of a Responsible Father

June 26, 2022 Stephen Adetolu Episode 29
Designed for Success Podcast
8 Qualities of a Responsible Father
Show Notes

Welcome to designed for success podcast. 

Let me first wish every father and would-be-father, a Happy Father's Day!

I was inspired to host this episode  "8 Qualities of a Responsible Father" because it coincides with the father's day celebration all over the world. I believe that if fathers take up their responsibilities more seriously, the society will be a better place for all.

Fathers must realize that they play an important role in shaping the destiny of their familiy (wife and children), as such, they must equip themselves to exceed God's expecations of them.

God expects fathers to chart the course for the family, in other words, it is the father's responsibility to take the family to the destination God had pre-planned. 

These 8 qualities are faith-based, aimed at transforming fatherhood and the way it is perceived in our world today. 

A better world is not the sole responsibility of government alone, the father plays a pivotal role in the scheme of things as well.

The success of a society first emanates from the family. The father must therefore define the future success he desires for his family, by helping them fulfill God's purpose.

This is one of my contributions towards making the world a better place (helping people discover their purpose in other to maximize their potential and become useful contributors to  humanity).

Listen to the full episode for the 8 qualities of a responsible father.

Happy Father's Day

Stephen Adetolu is a Maxwell Leadershi
 Certified Team Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

Stephen Adetolu

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