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Life is a Gift

July 02, 2022 Stephen Adetolu Episode 30
Designed for Success Podcast
Life is a Gift
Show Notes

Welcome to Designed for Success Podcast.

This episode is titled "Life is a Gift" I woke up one morning and was overwhelmed by this thought about life...

I asked myself,
 what is life? 
why am I alive? 
what did I do to merit this life that I now live?
what is expected of me?
and lots more...

The questions kept coming, until I realized suddenly that Life is a GIFT!

A gift is described as something or anything given willingly without payment. It simply means that God gave me the gift of Himself (Life), willingly and without me deserving, meriting or asking for it.

This episode is filled with principles that will enable you unlock the code of leading a fulfilled, happy and abundant life.

Make sure you listen to it over and over again until you internalize the message therein. 

If you understand it, you will be inspired to spend your life making meaningful contributions to the advancement of humanity.

Happy Listening

Stephen Adetolu is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Coach, Speaker & Trainer, he is passionate about helping people discover their purpose, maximize their potential such that they become the persons they were created to be (achieve their highest goals and live the life they want - fulfillment, happiness and abundance)

Stephen Adetolu

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