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Finding Meaning in Life - Key to Happiness and Abundance

September 19, 2022 Stephen Adetolu Episode 41
Designed for Success Podcast
Finding Meaning in Life - Key to Happiness and Abundance
Show Notes

Welcome to Designed for Success Podcast

This episode focuses on finding meaning in life, key to happiness and abundance.

The essence of life goes beyond money, career, achieving certain goals, etc I have seen many people achieve their set goals and still remain unhappy, unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

For instance, when someone sets a goal to become the CEO of an organization, they do everything possible to achieve the goal, but upon attaining this goal, such a person discovers there is nothing therein to give him or her that feeling of satisfaction.

The feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment and completeness comes when you find meaning in life. 

Meaning in life is derived from your God-given purpose. In other words, there is a higher mandate or assignment for your life beyond just achieve personal goals.

Setting and achieving a money goal is not enough to make you happy in life. Little wonder why some people lost  important relationships, families, health, etc in the pursuit of money and other personal goals.

Meanwhile, money is just a means and not the end! This is why money does not bring happiness.

What brings happiness and abundance is finding meaning in life. This will usually come from your passion, strenght, desire, ability, gift, talent, weakness, pain, challences, difficulty, desire for contribution or impact, etc

I shared some valuable insights that will hopefully transfom your life. Make sure you listen to it over and over again to get the lesson. Remember to share it with your loved ones too.

Happy Listening

Stephen Adetolu

Stephen Adetolu is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Coach, Speaker and Trainer. He is passionate about helping individuals discover their purpose so that they can maximize their potentials and lead a fulfilled, happy and abundant life.

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