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God Wants you to Flourish

September 06, 2021 Stephen Adetolu Episode 18
Designed for Success Podcast
God Wants you to Flourish
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Designed for Success Podcast 

Today's episode is titled "God wants you to flourish" 

The Oxford dictionary defines flourish as: to develop quickly, be successful, thrive,  to grow well, to be healthy and happy. 

The true meaning of flourish became real to me during the Lockdown necessitated by COVID-19. 

My quiet time during COVID-19 exposed me to God's word in Psalm 92:12-15. 

Irrespective of what you are currently going through, God wants you to flourish. What more can be more encouraging than having the God who created you make such promise. 

In the podcast, I shared my experience before the lockdown,  how I perceived God as a bully who always looked out for my faults in order to purnish me. As such, I served him from the point of fear. 

But the story is different today, having discovered Him by myself! 

I believe His plans for me are for good and he loves and wants me to flourish in every aspect of life. 

I also shared 4 key ways to reprogram your mind and live your Dream Live in alignment to God's promise to have you flourish. 

These principles are working for me and I assure you that if followed religiously, it will bring a better result in your life. 

Happy Listening 

Stephen Adetolu.

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