Inspired Budget

#057: Easy Investing Tips with Chloe Daniels

June 09, 2022 Allison Baggerly Episode 57
Inspired Budget
#057: Easy Investing Tips with Chloe Daniels
Show Notes

Are you putting off learning how to invest? 

I get it, investing can feel super overwhelming and complicated. On top of that, you might be completely zeroed in on paying off debt and you're wondering if you should even be investing if you're not debt free...

To help answer all these questions in a simple way that will allow YOU to start building wealth today, I've got Chloe Daniels on the podcast! Chloe, founder of Clo Bare Money Coach and The Lazy Investor’s Course, is a money coach focused on helping people learn how to invest and build wealth without shame or judgment. And bonus - she is hilarious, wonderful, and has an incredible story to share!

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