Inspired Budget

#059: Legitimize Your Business Idea with Janet LeBlanc

June 23, 2022 Allison Baggerly Episode 59
Inspired Budget
#059: Legitimize Your Business Idea with Janet LeBlanc
Show Notes

If you've ever googled "How to start a side hustle" or "How to make money online," you're going to want to listen to this episode. 

It's no secret that people have been leaving their corporate 9-5 jobs in droves since 2020. Though this initial migration may have been due to the pandemic, it's clear that a lot of people value the flexibility and independence that remote work has to offer. More than that, they value building something out of their own dreams, passions, and talents. 

So what's keeping you from taking the plunge and making a life transition like starting a business? 

My guest today is Janet LeBlanc, a certified public accountant and serial entrepreneur, and is actually one of the main reasons I decided to make Inspired Budget a legit business in the first place. 

If you've ever considered starting your own business, this episode will not only inspire you to take action to bring your dreams to life, but it will also save you lots of time, stress, and confusion when it comes to finances (which may even be one reason why you haven't taken the plunge and started it in the first place!)

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