Clinic Boost

Don't reveal price on the phone

June 11, 2021 Daniel Coulton Shaw & Alex Zakucia Season 1 Episode 26
Clinic Boost
Don't reveal price on the phone
Show Notes

Common mistake that we see many clinics do is revealing the price of the treatment too early.

Sometimes they say it straight in the first message and sometimes on the call.

It's important to realize you're making it way harder for yourself, if you reveal the price too early.


According to Way of the wolf by Jordan Belfort (excellent book) there is an equation constantly going on in the head of your potential patient - is the value I'll receive more than the money I'll pay for it? This is important, because you always want to build value of your treatment first before you say exact price.

I don't know about you, but I like things easy. And what I realized when I worked as a patient coordinator that a lot of value building is done for me, when the patient is on the consultation.

They see our premises. They see lot of patients going in and out (social proof). They speak with the doctor (authority). All of this helps, so when I asked them to sign the treatment plan with exact price, it's much much easier.

Also you can use the price as an bait for potential patient to come for the consultation.

From looking at data of many clinics, we see major bottleneck doesn't happen on consultation because there is doctor present (authority) so on avg. 70% will go for treatment. However call to consult ratio is much lower, usually around 50%. So I don't know about you but I rather offer them the price and treatment on the consult where I have much higher chance of success.

Key takeaway of this is: Don't try to "sell" the treatment on the call, that's hard. "Sell" consultation, that's easy.