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How to change the same old dysfunctional relationship patterns

December 15, 2021 Nicky Dunn Season 1 Episode 15
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How to change the same old dysfunctional relationship patterns
Show Notes

How Mindfulness can help you find a Healthy Love that Lasts

Are you sick of getting stuck in the same old dysfunctional relationship patterns? 

 When you look back over your past relationships do you see patterns? Whether it’s being drawn to bad boys, ending up with narcissists or falling for someone who needs looking after, it’s not unusual for us to end up in the same kind of toxic relationships again and again. So how do you break the pattern?

 Many couples push relationship distresses under the rug without resolution and find much later that they are unable to recover from these festering sorrows. Identifying and exploring these typical relationship damagers might have helped. Had the partners recognized them as they were occurring, they might have had a different perspective and learned some new ways to cope before it was too late. By understanding what their dysfunctional patterns are, couples can strive to overcome them.

My guest today is the most amazing, Lauren Smith

Lauren is a full-time designer and author based in New Jersey. An example of a typical millennial dater, she has spent years researching and growing through bad breakups to blaze a Mindful Dating path for other self-aware daters.

Mindful Online Dating Tips

  • Be authentic in your descriptions: Be clear about what you want and don’t want early on, and avoid lying or embellishing.
  • Take recent photos, skip the filters. You were born beautiful!
  • Don’t message for too long before meeting, otherwise you risk developing an ideal or fantasy image of the person.
  • Save yourself time by calling them on the phone (or video chat) at least once before the physical date. This will rule out any obvious incompatibilities as early as possible.
  • Be clear about your expectations before and after the date, as far as how far you're willing to drive, any budget limitations, or any sexual boundaries.
  • Dating more than one person at a time can prevent you from getting too attached to someone before properly vetting them.
  • Be respectful when breaking it off with someone. And definitely don't ghost!

If you would like to find our more about Lauren and how to access her journal, please do visit:  https://mindfuldatingjournal.com/