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What Is The Value Of Telehealth? An inDEPTH Look

July 13, 2022 Physician's Weekly Season 2 Episode 51
Physician's Weekly Podcast
What Is The Value Of Telehealth? An inDEPTH Look
Show Notes

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Physician’s Weekly podcast. I am your host, Dr. Rachel Giles, from Medicom Medical Publishers, in collaboration with Physician’s Weekly.  Today we take an inDEPTH look at the value of telehealth. 

Later in this episode, we have an interview given by Physician’s Weekly’s Executive Editor Christopher Cole, with Cerebrovascular Neurosurgeon  Dr. Peter Rasmussen (Cleveland Clinic, OH). Dr. Rasmussen is committed to digital health solutions, and as such, he is the Chief Clinical Officer of The Clinic, which is the only digital health company that combines the world-renowned clinical expertise of Cleveland Clinic with innovative connectivity technologies. They talk about the role of virtual second opinions and the cost savings associated with them. Unnecessary testing and procedures are expensive. One study found that more than 622,000 patients in the state of Washington alone underwent an unnecessary test or procedure in a one-year period, costing ~$282 million. 

But first, we talk with Professor Fatima Cody Stanford, who is an obesity medicine physician-scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School, who recently published in both Nature Medicine and Lancet Digital Health about how telehealth can both support and exacerbate health disparities.

Enjoy listening!

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