Physician's Weekly Podcast

Regain Your Grip On the Work You Love

February 14, 2024 Physician's Weekly Season 4 Episode 127
Physician's Weekly Podcast
Regain Your Grip On the Work You Love
Show Notes

Regular contributor Dike Drummond, MD, (family physician, CEO of, PW columnist) talks about the difference between your job and your medical practice, recognizing the fact that they are almost never attuned. More importantly, he provides critical tools to mend the bridge and regain your grip on the work that you love. What are the changes that need to happen and how do you go about that? Dr. Drummond talks us through this complex and sensitive process.

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Dr. Drummond has coached and trained more than 40,000 doctors for more than 175 organization and association clients since 2010. His Burnout Prevention MATRIX White Paper shares 235 different ways to stop physician burnout.

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